Police Officers Appear To Make A Ruckus By Shouting Loudly As They Arrest Suspect In Ang Mo Kio

The peace and quiet of our heartlands was disrupted recently, when police officers apprehended a suspect along Ang Mo Kio Central 1.

Instead of silently taking him away after handcuffing him, the officers allegedly decided to unleash a verbal assault on him — and the rest of Ang Mo Kio as well.

A shocking video of the incident was posted on Sunday (11 Mar) and is now trending on YouTube.

Screams all around

In the video, one police officer is heard shouting loudly at the suspect,

Who ask you run? You run for what? Tell me now!

He continued,

You think we have nothing better to do is it?

On cue, a second officer then appeared to join in the ‘screaming match’, even though the suspect was literally next to him.


Several crows, obviously excited by the high-speed chase, also chimed in with a few well-placed “caws”.

The officers then taunted the suspect, saying,

You think you could escape, huh?

Based on the conversation that follows, it seems that there were more officers who were looking for the suspect.

All this while, officers were holding the suspect down, pressing his face against the road.

Evidently in discomfort, the suspect seemed to let out a series of groans towards the end of the minute-long video.

Netizens weigh in

We have no idea why the suspect was arrested but that hasn’t stopped netizens from jumping in with their analyses and opinions.

Some asked that police officers be more measured in their actions, calling the officers in the video “unprofessional”.


Others attacked those who complained about the officers’ behaviour, noting that no one knew what happened before the video.

One user questioned if netizens would complain if the guy was “resisting arrest and physically assaulting the officers” before the video started.

Some also called the people who complained “keyboard snowflakes”.


But the “snowflakes” had a retort ready, saying that no matter what the suspect had done to them, police officers should always remain professional.


There’s no doubt that it’s too early to draw a fair conclusion based on a video.

But we think that from the looks of this short clip alone, it does seem like the police officers in question could have been more tactful in their approach towards the suspect.

Unprofessional or tough love?

Maybe we should cut some police officers some slack — after all, they have to chase after cats and monitor mall advertisements on a daily basis.

What do you think happened here? Was it a case of overly enthusiastic police officers after a long chase, or excessive verbal harassment as some netizens have claimed?

Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from YouTube.