11 Politicians Usher In The Year Of The Dog This Chinese New Year

The typical Singaporean’s Chinese New Year looks a little something like this: travelling from house to house, sending well wishes while exchanging mandarin oranges. and collecting angbaos.

But if you think everyone’s CNY looks like this, that’s where you’re wrong.

Politicians in Singapore have showed us that there is more than one way to welcome the beginning of the year of the zodiac dog.

Changing out of their formal wear into more festive red gear, here are the 10 unique ways our politicians spent their CNY!

1. Lee Hsien Loong and Chan Chun Sing

They paid a visit to Gali Batu and Tuas Train depots to show their heartfelt appreciation to the technicians and engineers working round the clock so that Singaporeans can get places.

Trains don’t run themselves, you know. Massive shout-out to them for helping out over the holidays!


Look at this beautiful, spoil-market lohei. Big enough so that everyone can return for second helpings!


2. Tan Chuan Jin

On the first day of Chinese New Year, he personally hosted 250 of our elderly living in Chai Chee Estate for lunch and a chit chat session.


On the same night, he flew off to PyeongChang to support 18-year-old Cheyenne, the very first Singaporean Winter Olympian in her debut at the 1,500m short track speed skating event.


If you’re interested in Singapore’s first dabble at the Winter Olympics, you can catch his live streams from PyeongChang here.

3. Ong Ye Kung

He drew the famous floppy ear dog Snoopy in a time lapse video to celebrate the dog year

He did a pretty pawsome job and sure deserves some appawse for this.

4. Pritam Singh and Sylvia Lim

The duo have been sending smiles across Singaporeans faces.

Singh, The Assistant Secretary General of the Worker’s Party (WP), spent the 3rd day of CNY sending his well wishes to the residents of Eunos– of course with oranges.

WP even arranged for God of Fortune, 财神爷, to shower the estate with blessings and good luck in the upcoming year.


Sylvia Lim, MP of the Aljunied GRC,  was seen distributing goodie bags and angbaos to underprivileged residents of Serangoon, an annual effort since 2012.


Chinese New Year is the season of giving after all. Salute!

5. Halimah Yacob

Calligraphy attempt to wish Singaporeans best of luck in the coming year

Penning the word “吉” which means luck in Chinese, she even delivers wishes for all celebrating Singaporeans in mandarin.

Steady lah.

6. Heng Swee Keat

Our finance minister delivered us the long awaited budget 2018 on the 4th day of CNY.


While we aren’t too thrilled about the GST hikes, at least we all get free angbaos! Huat ah!

7. Nicole Seah

Remember Nicole Seah? the Jade Seah lookalike who contested in the 2011 general election for Singapore Democratic Party. She got married in 2015– sorry boys.


This CNY, she announced her pregnancy on an Instagram post with a tangerine that accompanied the two mandarin oranges.


How cute can this Chinese New Year themed pregnancy get.

8. Chee Soon Juan

The Singapore Democratic Party leader brought his team around Marsling, Bukit Batok, Yuhua and Ghim Moh for the customary  拜年 to seniors living there. (translate: “bai nian” Chinese for well wishes accompanied by a pair of mandarin oranges)


Working hard a. on a holiday and b. under the hot sun. Respect!


9. Grace Fu, Tin Pei Ling and Josephine Teo

Grace Fu (Minister for Culture, Community and Youth), Josephine Teo (Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office) and Tin Pei Ling (MP MacPherson SMC) got to be models for a day.

They strut down the “red carpet”in new generation cheongsams desgined by local labels which feature either saree or batik fabrics alongside uniquely Singaporean motifs.


#CNY #OutfitOfTheDay game on fleek.


10. Indranee Rajah

The Tanjong Pagar GRC MP revealed her inner Master Chef this year and attempted to make a festive dish called “An Assured Abundance”.


Props to her for delving into mastering Chinese cuisine.


11. Baey Yam Keng

River Angbao’s awe-inspiring light ups doesn’t just draw in Instagrammers and families, Baey Yam Keng wants some of that too!

We have to admit he looks pretty suave!



Ushering in the new year with style

Now we know why people always say politicians are busy bees: Because they get up to so much even during the CNY holidays!

We’re kind of jealous of all the cool stuff they got to do.

While we can’t deliver budgets like Minister Heng Swee Keat or take a spontaneous flight over to PyeongChang like MP Tan Chuan Jin, there are some things we can monkey-see-monkey-do.

Like try to cook an “Assured Abundance”. Or if you insist on delivering a budget, try this:

Featured image from Baey Yam Keng, Heng Swee Keat, Aljunied GRC, Lee Hsien Loong.