The countdown begins…

5 days to nomination day; 15 days to the big P day.

Yesterday, we reported about the various political parties’ social media movements here.

What were they up to today? MustShareNews takes a look.

People’s Action Party

For the lazy, PAP has come up with an infographics to illustrate latest changes made at the NDR.

Today, PAP unveiled their Fengshan SMC candidate: Cheryl Chan, who is not exactly a fan of the Bedok 85 orh luak, unlike Sylvia Lim.

Watch this video of Ms Cheryl Chan, who was introduced as the PAP FengShan SMC candidate this morning.Get breaking news, live updates, and exclusive content, on the go, please click:

Posted by People’s Action Party on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Come 2020, there will be 30 more new stations! But let’s cross our fingers and hope that the breakdowns don’t happen so frequently.

On Facebook, PM Lee recapped on what he said during the NDR, and we reported about the goodies here.

Workers’ Party

Yesterday evening, Sylvia Lim posted this on Instagram:

See the Blue Case (in WP’s words – to us it’s just a Blue File at most) Gerald Giam is holding? It contains the forms for all WP potential candidates to be submitted to the Elections Department. #dontbelittlethefile #althoughitcosts2dollarsfrompopular #2dollarsalsomoney

And if you haven’t heard, WP also unveiled another four candidates today:

Although we have no idea where these candidates are running.

They are also asking for donations:

Democratic Progressive Party

Looks like 1 September is gonna be very happening, so don’t forget to save the date!

National Solidarity Party

So it looks like NSP will only unveil their candidates on nomination day. Well, I guess they do need some time to iron out their internal issues, but they’re definitely the party to watch. The big question is: will we be seeing more of Kevryn Lim?

People’s Power Party

Will PPP help solve the flooding of void decks?

Also, they need to proofread their copy — “The although the flats”, “but we that PAP”. #gongsimi

PPP also goes on a rant:

Yup, the war is on.

Reform Party

If you missed out on RP’s live conference today, you know where to catch up on.

RP has announced the candidates for West Coast GRC and Radin Mas SMC, and they sure aren’t happy that mainstream media is still dishing the dirt on M. Ravi and Roy Ngerng.

Seems like RP isn’t too happy with ESM Goh Chok Tong either…

Meanwhile, Gilbert Goh posts some fan mail on his Facebook…

… and a photo of him and his comrades at the Election Department.

Singapore Democratic Alliance

How about uniting in Opposition?

SDA repeatedly asking supporters to VFC (vote for change).

It’s in Chinese so your ah ma and ah gong can understand 🙂

Still keeping you in suspense over their Pasir Ris-Punggol candidates:

On Facebook, Desmond Lim reaches out to all races with his multi-language picture:

Singapore Democratic Party

SDP shares about their announced candidates:

Hate PSLE? So does SDP.

On Facebook, Chee Soon Juan shares his wife’s anecdote.

Are you happy?

CSJ looking hipster even in his younger days:

Singaporeans First

SingFirst gives us a lecture:

While Ang Yong Guan talks about the government’s foreign labour policy and his views on CPF, amongst other issues.

Singapore People’s Party

Hmm… it seems that SPP has been rather quiet of late, with their last Facebook post on 24 August:

Time to step up the social media game!

Okay folks, that’s all for today. But do stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition of politics in 5 minutes!

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