Counting down;

3 days to Nomination Day; 13 days to Polling Day.

Yesterday, we reported about the various parties’ social media happenings here.

What could they be up to today?

People’s Action Party

PAP launched its manifesto today.

They also “pledge[d] to continue to work with you, for you, and for Singapore”.

Can the PAP “keep Singapore a shining red dot”?

LHL also gave us a sneak peek on what he does in his free time:

While Tin Pei Ling shared a photo of her baby boy and her Pioneer Generation grandmother:

And Tan Chuan-Jin shows that he’s a feline lover:

As well as an anecdote with Fatimah Lateef, who is part of the Marine Parade GRC team.

Workers’ Party

Sylvia Lim penned an open letter in response to MND’s letter over the AHPETC issue:

WP also launched their manifesto today:

But that’s not all! They even launched an app #techsavvy.

Democratic Progressive Party

“DPP response to PAP Maniesto”

Meet DPP’s Nadine Yap:

National Solidarity Party

NSP claims that the offices of a Party member were broken into by four trespassers who claimed they were from MSM:

People’s Power Party

A too free PPP fan mapped out the party’s core values for them cos’ perhaps PPP is understaffed like RP.

And Goh Meng Seng goes on a rant:

Reform Party

RP is selling minion-like merchandise because yellow!!

Click-baity title aside, who’s the man KJ is referring too? #moremudslinging

Tan Kin Lian sent his wishes for the party on his blog:

Singapore Democratic Alliance

SDA registered an alternative cabbie association last week called the Singapore Cabbies Association (SCA) to champion taxi drivers’ welfare.

And a determined Desmond Lim doesn’t care about what others think about him.

He also shared his two cents’ worth on the government:

Singapore Democratic Party

SDP unveiled their last three candidates today:

And this morning, they were on a walkabout at Yuhua SMC.

In the meantime, CSJ posted his resume on Facebook:

Singaporeans First

Today, SingFirst announced their second batch of candidates.


And… that’s all for today’s social media round-up, but keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s edition!

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