Pritam Singh Dismisses Resident’s Complaint Over Broken Garbage Chute Shutter As Fake News


Pritam Singh Dismisses Resident’s Complaint Over BrokenĀ Garbage Chute Shutter As Inaccurate

It seems the Workers’ Party may have less important issues than broken roller-shutters to care about.

In a Facebook post by Member of ParliamentĀ for Aljunied GRC Pritam Singh last Thursday (23 Nov), he mentioned that he was alerted to a complaint regarding a roller-shutter at Block 467 Hougang Ave 8, that was allegedly left damaged for a year.


The complaint was raised by a Sherley Servos, through Fabrications About The PAP’s Facebook page.

Upon receiving the notification, Mr Singh reviewed the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council’s case log and found that a report was made to the town council on 10 Oct regarding the faulty shutter by Sembwaste.


The broken central refuse chute roller-shutter had prevented the clearance of garbage and was causing inconvenience to residents.

Mr Singh then promptly dismissed the claim that the roller-shutter was damaged for “at least a year or more” as “inaccurate”. Instead, the shutter took about a month or so to fix, due to prudence in spending. The parts have been commissioned to be fixed, and works should be completed by the next week.

Sherley strikes back

On Friday (24 Nov), the Fabrications About The PAP page provided a screenshot update via Sherley.

She claimed that although the damaged roller-shutters were miraculously fixed overnight, she was still unhappy that her complaint was associated with “fake news” in an announcement during Workers’ Party’s Live Chat Session.

According to Sherley, she has since contacted Pritam Singh but has yet to receive a response.

Perhaps Mr Singh will find it necessary to respond to this accusation again?


Perhaps not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Grass is greener on the other side

Since the broken roller-shutter has been fixed, it’s probably time to consider the pertinent issue of uncut grass in Kovan? If we are to take this netizen’s comment seriously that is.

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Fake news or not, surely there are infinitely more pressing issues we should talk about, right?


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