Will The Real Shit-stirrer please stand up

Ai Takagi, one-half of the duo behind the now-defunct website The Real Singapore (TRS), was sentenced to 10 months’ jail last week over the seditious content on the website.

Takagi, an Australian of Japanese descent had used a fake name “Farhan” to push out fabricated, racist and xenophobic content in order to drum up anti-foreigner sentiments. TRS raked in nearly $500,000 in 17 months from advertising and drew a lot of viewers onto the website.

Takagi had earlier pleaded guilty in March while her husband Yang Kaiheng has claimed trial.

So who was really running the website?

Yang Kaiheng is now in court arguing he had nothing to do with the website. He said that his involvement was “fleeting” for just a month in 2012.

You may have just believed that it was all his wife wreaking havoc under a fake name until lawyers presented evidence of two Skype accounts, “able_tree” and “therealsingapore” – shared by Yang and Takagi that took place between 2012 and 2014.

One of the Skype messages produced said “ “Leave it to me la. I pro sh*t stirrer” and another one described Takagi as “quite zai sia” (Hokkien for steady) and that “she type e-mail like lawyer like that”.

Some conversations were in Singlish structure, using words like “lah“, “lor“, “leh” and “meh“, Hokkien phrases, vulgarities and Singapore Armed Forces ranks were used, said media.

Why did Yang Kaiheng dump the full blame on his wife? We don’t know either.


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