Video Of Man Breaking Car Windscreen With Bare Hands Goes Viral

Vehicle windscreens are generally designed to withstand large impacts in order to protect the car’s occupants.

However, in a video that went viral on Facebook yesterday (8 Mar), a man proved that with a little rage, breaking a windscreen is as easy as throwing a few punches.

Just take a look at Mr Iron Fist himself in action.

Here’s how the story unfolded.

A Shop Fight That Started It All?

From the context of the video alone, it is difficult to be sure what exactly made the man so angry. However, clues within the video may help paint a clearer picture.

At first, the place at which the drama took place looks very similar to a typical drunken brawl.

There were chairs flipped, tables moved, and drinks spilled on the floor.


Soon after the two conflicting parties were revealed – the Mercedes driver and the window breaker.


Breaking free from bystanders who were holding him back, the man then headed straight for the car, releasing his full rage on the windscreen which eventually gave in to his rage.


As the driver pulled away, we can hear the window-breaker scream, “huan qian!” (pay money).

Deploying Grand Theft Auto tactics

Special mention should be given to a lady who tried to stop the driver from escaping.

She made a move that would be well resemble that of a hijacking attempt from a popular video game, Grand Theft Auto.

Check out how the woman attempted to pull the driver out of the car:


Too bad the driver shut the door almost immediately after.



Was the man injured?

Clearly, a great amount of force was needed to break a car’s windscreen. The same amount of force would also likely injure the man’s hand.

Yet, we don’t any blood gushing out of the man’s fist.

Even known badass wrestler Goldberg lost some blood after smashing a limo window.


One thing’s for sure though, someone has to buy a brand new windscreen.

Feature image from Facebook