Qixuan Lim’s Creepy-Cute Sculptures Have A Massive Cult Following

Beauty truly isn’t skin deep.

But Singaporean artist Qixuan Lim, a.k.a. qimmyshimmy‘s jaw-dropping collection of miniature sculptures literally breathes new life into this saying.

Social media giant 9GAG picked up her art on Sat (22 Sep), and shared pics of them in a Facebook album that has garnered 25,000 shares in just one day.


Calling herself an “accidental sculptor”, Ms Lim creates ‘creepy-cute’ thumbnail-sized ceramic sculptures of tiny hearts, fetuses, brains and eyeballs as part of an ongoing hobby.

She has currently acquired a cult following of 95,500 fans on Instagram with her work, which is a compelling fusion of the grotesque and adorable.

Here’s a sneak peek into the weird and wonderful world of her creations.

An eye for detail

A visual feast for the eyes, these macabre tiny sculptures stem from Ms Lim’s fascination with morbid curiosities and her interests in science fiction.

Her iconic work features baby faces melded onto pastel confections and they pay fitting tribute to the tactility of flesh and skin.


The attention to detail and high semblance of realism in her sculptures are not achieved easily. Using polymer clay and an array of blended colour layers, she emulates the translucent nature of human flesh.


Ms Lim’s trick is to use powders and not paints. Through the use of needles, brushes and sometimes a magnifying glass, she then painstakingly prods her creations into life.


She’s also quipped in an exclusive interview that her works are baked in the same oven that cooks her food, which is “not something (she) should be proud of”.

Best to keep these sculptures away from the actual kitchen table though.


Although they are packaged like sweet treats, these tiny heads are definitely NOT edible.

Her work serves to disrupt her fans’ social media feeds as crucial talking points while questioning the ethics of societal norms.


The faces of these babies packaged in pill blister packs for example, question the morality of contraceptive pills.

She also loves exploring the “vulnerability and fragility” of infants, piquing viewers’ interests by creating images which are “morbid and discomforting”.

Waste not, want not

She first thought of making mini-sculptures to utilise excess materials from her other works. One of her first ideas was to create baby heads hidden within pistachio nut shells.

With some encouragement from her friend, she proceeded to make more of these figures. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Ms Lim has considered opening an online store due to the demand for her work from her 95,500 followers.


But the stress involved in running her own store, coupled with a distrust in postal services, have made her shelve that idea for now.

Armed with inspiration

Ms Lim has always been drawn to macabre and fantastical works of fiction, art, and sculptures.

The talented 26-year-old continues to fashion her beautiful yet disturbing works of art in her downtime, while pursing her Masters degree in Information Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The shy artist has mentioned that she uses Instagram as a platform to gain exposure for her work, as she does not write in to galleries specially to showcase her pieces.

However, commissioned artworks and shows are currently on the cards for Ms Lim, if she can find the time.

‘Creepy-cute’ gains international legs

Ms Lim’s iconic collection of sculptures has garnered her international acclaim and recognition. Her work has previously scored her interviews from the likes of Vulcan Post and Vice Media’s Creators initiative.

Judging by the popular response to her first solo art show entitled SweetTooth on 7 Sep 2017, her work has been well-received by fans around the world.

According to her Facebook page, she even gained a retweet from actor Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings fame.

Love it or hate it?

Whether you love or hate her sculptures, you can’t deny the hardwork that goes into each of her elaborate creations.

Perhaps it’s time to embrace the ‘creepy-cute’ movement with open arms?

Nonetheless, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for news of Ms Lim’s future projects.

If you like what you’ve seen, do check out her websiteFacebook page and Instagram account for the full body of her artistic works.

Featured images from qimmyshimmy’s Instagram and 9GAG on Facebook.