Quarter Pounder Discontinued

If you go to McDonald’s and try to order a Quarter Pounder, you will sadly discover that your favourite cholesterol-inducing Quarter Pounder has completely disappeared from the McDonald’s menu in Singapore.


Instead, when you try to order a Quarter Pounder, the friendly McDonald’s auntie will hand this coupon to you.

Where has the Quarter Pounder gone?

Looks like there’s a new Original Angus burger around. And it will apparently ease your Quarter Pounder withdrawals.

But is $1 enough to compensate for never being able to chomp down on a thick and juicy Quarter Pounder ever again??

According to the coupon, 6 December is the last day you can get your hands on the deliciously heart-clogging Quarter Pounder. However, as we discovered, it is already no longer available in stores, and isn’t even featured on the McDelivery website.

Vanished Into Thin Air?

Which means the Quarter Pounder has probably been replaced with The Original Angus burger.

The coupon promises that this new burger has the flavours of a Quarter Pounder, but with higher quality 100% Angus beef patties. Sounds legit.

A Facebook user questioned why the Quarter Pounder was discontinued before 6 December and received a reply from McDonald’s.


Evidently, Singaporeans are not too happy about McDonald’s messing with their taste buds and many are yearning for the return of the Quarter Pounder.

Customers are already beefing online about the burger’s disappearance…



New Offerings


It seems that McDonald’s discontinued the burger a few days early to make way for their new Signature Collection coming December 7th, with no warning to stans of the Quarter Pounder.

McDonald’s even released a new trailer teasing their upcoming Signature Collection.

There’s no information about their new collection yet, but here’s hoping that there will be more cheesy and beefy goodness coming our way soon!


Perhaps their new offerings may even be good enough to compete with the Nasi Lemak burger.

But does McDonald’s really need so many variations on the good ole’ burger?

It remains to be decided whether the The Classic Angus from the upcoming Signature Collection will be enough to appease hungry customers. I guess we’ll only find out when the new Signature collection drops on 7 December.

Featured photo: McDonald’s