First day for the public to pay respects and the crowd turnout is huge

Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s body was moved from Sri Temasek today to Parliament House, where his body will lie till Sunday for the public to pay their respects. Even before the procession was due to start, thousands had already lined the procession street in the hope of seeing Lee Kuan Yew’s casket.

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At Parliament House

The mood was sombre. People entered, bowed, and took their leave.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew had been accorded the highest form of respect, befitting a man of his stature: the vigil guard. The vigil guard comprises four officers in uniform. Each of them will stand at a corner of LKY’s casket, turned away and head bowed. The group is led by a senior officer who stands at, and faces the head of the casket.

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The loooooooooong queue

Singaporeans are famous for queuing. Even if we don’t know what we’re queuing for, sometimes Singaporeans just like to queue for the sake of it. The extra large turnout today prompted the authorities to extend the visiting hours for 24 hours from today till Saturday, 8pm.

As of 3pm, TODAY reported that massive queues have formed and the expected wait time is eight hours. The police has advised the public not to join the queue anymore.

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Members of the public were initially allowed to bow, as shown in this video.

However, due to the sheer volume of people waiting in line, the public will now just walk by instead of stopping to bow. People are now moving much faster through Parliament.

And the good of Singapore shines

Queuing in the hot, baking sun with temperatures of 32 degrees is no easy task. Singapore’s humidity and heat is legendary. However, it is often during these periods that the goodness in Singapore prevails. A ramen shop has begun offering free lemon-infused iced water to queuers. Activists have started to distribute water to those waiting in line. An eatery provides iced water and canned drinks.

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Local singer Stefanie Sun was also spotted queueing in line to pay her respects to the late Mr Lee.

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This drew praise from netizens, with one netizen commenting that she was “a real Singapore girl, down to earth”.


Even though we need no more proof as to the kind of amazing man that he was, these crowds are a testament as to the kind of man that he was to his fellow Singaporeans.

“We love you, Lee Kuan Yew!”


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With reference to Channel NewsAsia