It was a night of personal attacks

The third night of rallies was another exciting one, as parties didn’t let up in their united pursuit of gaining votes. Here are some of the best things they said:

Opposing with class and not with fire

“We fire questions but we do not throw fireworks in parliament. Guess who likes throw fireworks in parliament with all the name-calling and colourful words like red herring and harakiri?”

– Daniel Goh, WP Nee Soon GRC candidate

Good one, Gurmit

“I’m Gurmit Singh. I’m not PCK hor. He says he’s best in S’pore, JB, Batam. If I’m best in Nee Soon, enough already.”

– Gurmit Singh, WP Nee Soon GRC candidate

The good ol’ ERP joke

“Buses are like sardine fishes. MRT lagi worse, no need to say, so many breakdowns… take taxi, even hantu not scary, but ERP is.”

– Siva Chandran, RP Ang Mo Kio GRC candidate

(Ed: We’ve got a special article dedicated to the awesome quotes provided by the Reform Party here.)

The grey hair card is now a thing

“The grey hair that Mr Lee Kuan Yew had, the grey hair that Mr Goh Chok Tong has, the grey hair that Mr Lee Hsien Loong has, is all for you.”

– Mr Lim Boon Heng, PAP Aljunied GRC candidate

The GRC problem

“[Your houses are] less than 100m [away], [but] you belong to different GRCs.

How can Yishun not be Yishun? How can Woodlands not be Woodlands? And how can Serangoon Central be a part of Marine Parade GRC? They are like 15 kilometres apart! To me I feel that this is absurd.

Who knows, one day Woodlands will be part of Jurong?”

– Eugene Yeo, NSP Sembawang GRC candidate

That’s one big promise

“We promise to listen to you every day, not just once every five years.”

– Chong Wai Fung, SDP Holland-Bukit Timah GRC candidate

On suicide team at Aljunied

“I decided to come talk to you here because I wanted you to know that I’ve sent a good team.”

“You know me and you know my character and personality, and I’m telling you if the PAP comes back here, eh sai ah!”

– Lee Hsien Loong at Aljunied GRC rally

Dr Chee’s CHEEky sense of humour

“[I] couldn’t sleep after adrenaline rush of rally yesterday. Tried counting sheep but it didn’t help as they’re all in white.”

– Chee Soon Juan, SDP Holland-Bukit Timah GRC candidate

That’s dedication

“I was born Singaporean, I was raised Singaporean, and I will die Singaporean.”

– Chee Soon Juan

Singapore’s true struggle

“Our biggest struggle is not against the PAP, but against what the PAP has done to our minds.”

– Chee Soon Juan

Hi Aljunied, PAP misses you

“Bring us home to Aljunied.”

– Victor Lye, PAP Aljunied GRC candidate

Of mice and PAP

“A PAP MP might think he’s a lion in Parliament, but when it comes to the vote, he’s the mouse. A little white mouse!”

– Sylvia Lim, WP Aljunied GRC candidate

Show me the moneyfesto

“The PAP’s manifesto is called Moneyfesto.”

– Arthero Lim, SDA Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC candidate

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