Yet another night of gung-ho claims and promises made

Tired of listening to the 3-hour long rallies? MustShareNews compiles the best quotes made by the four different opposition parties yesterday (6 Sept), effectively condensing 3-hour speeches into this quick 3-minute read.


The Reform Party

We’ve previously talked about their quotable quotes from RP’s 4 Sept rally, but they’ve given us even more gems in their latest effort.

Noraini Yunus

“You don’t know when you’re going to die, so we should fight for our CPF returns!”

M. Ravi

“Strike the Sun and not get struck by the lightning of PAP!”

Andy Zhu

“The Reform Party wish to abolish GRCs.”


Kenneth Jeyaratnam

“How can you not vote us in to save the economy?”

“We’ll reduce NS to a year, have a professional army. There’s enough money.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.20.19 pmSource

Money from where though? But Kenneth J does have that look of extreme self-confidence on his face.

Kumar Appavoo

“Why a lack of babies? Root of problem is foreigners. We are stressed.”


Singapore Democratic Party

Teo Soh Lung

“Opposition candidates now better than PAP candidates.”

Paul Tambyah

“Do not boo our opponents. If you really do not like them, put a cross next to the SDP logo on your ballot.”

Much sporting. Much respect.

Wild emcee

“Why has SDP been persecuted? Cos it has big balls!”

And SDP literally did pass a giant red ball among the crowds.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 9.03.14 pmSource

Chee Soon Juan

“We have lost the ability to feel outraged at social injustices.”

“Vivian Balakrishnan has no moral authority to tell Singaporeans they will squander their savings after blowing YOG budget.”


ooh burnSource

Worker’s Party

Ron Tan

“We are economically first in the world but culturally, we have become poorer.”

Low Thia Khiang

“We might even see the day when Singaporeans become a minority.”

This is a scary thought indeed.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.23.36 pmSource

What more will they tell us?

There are only three nights left for rallies. Before you know it, September 11 will arrive and Singaporeans will head to the polling stations to cast their votes.

And by September 12, the results will be released. Will there be any surprises or nasty upsets? That may hinge on the performances of the respective parties in this final 3-night stretch.

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