A student who graduated from Hwa Chong Institution this year has written a post on her personal blog yesterday in reminiscence of her form teacher, who was one of the passengers on the missing QZ8501 AirAsia flight which failed to arrive at Changi Airport on Sunday morning (28 December).


Upon hearing the news about Miss Florentina Maria Widodo (known to her class as Miss Tina), a 26-year-old Biology teacher at the school, Miss Felicia Tham could hardly believe that it was true. Once the news had sunken in, however, she set upon writing up a blog post which would portray her favourite form teacher as more than just “a Hwa Chong Biology Teacher” in the media, and I dare say she succeeded in that attempt.

Within the post are many  pictures which Miss Widodo had taken with her students in class S74, most of a candid nature. There is something to be said about how close the class was to her, as she even took a selfie with them. Throughout, Miss Tham describes her teacher as “young at heart”, and someone she could talk to not only as a teacher, but also as a friend.

Mere words won’t do the post any justice. We recommend that you simply read the post. Get ready to go on a feels trip.

We all wish we had an awesome form teacher like Miss Tina. Our thoughts are with her and the rest of the passengers.

Featured Image by: Quince Pan