Rachel Wong is more than just your ordinary blogger

She may have started off as a blogger but the sweet-looking damsel is conquering the Internet day by day.

With a strong online presence, here are 10 facts about Rachel Wong that prove she is taking over social media, slowly but surely.

1. She has the instincts of a great chef

In her own reality series, REALLY RACHEL, she is tasked to cook for her on-screen grandfather, Gong Gong.

It was her first attempt at cooking and the results were pretty decent!

Check out how she fared in this episode:

2. She has been collaborating with Jian Hao

After conquering Instagram with 139k followers and the blogosphere, Rachel has made her debut on YouTube with The Jian Hao Tan.

She starred in a new series with Jian Hao, Starting Over.

3. At age 23, she still hangs on to her chou chou

If you don’t know what a  chou chou is, it is a pillow or a bolster some people have since they were a child.

Rachel happens to be one of these sentimental beings.


4. She loves prawning


She loves prawning so much that she even has her own prawning rod!

Watch an episode whereby she teaches her viewers how to prawn like a pro:

5. Every girl wants to be her (or at least wants her closet)

She is a hoarder of all things branded and most girls would kill to own Rachel Wong’s closet.

Well, this is one of the perks of being a blogger!




6. She acknowledges the freedom to love

In a blog post, Rachel addressed the injustice suffered by 16-year-old Aloysius from Damai Secondary School. It was reported that Aloysius faced bullying due to his sexual orientation, which eventually resulted in his suicide.

She wrote:

If society is conservative, then why not educate the society? Is there truly no need for our children, from the time they have any sex education, to learn about same sex relationships as well? That some of their classmates, schoolmates or friends are very simply born different?
Maybe only then will people understand and stop the judging, the shaming, the bullying.
Rachel does have a point to put across. It is time we stop pretending homosexuality is not prevalent and the best way for people to understand this alternative lifestyle is through education.

7. She needs to have a cup of juice every morning

The secret to Rachel Wong’s flawless complexion could be by drinking a cup of juice every morning and the help of her skin doctor. After all, detoxing is really important!

Here is a picture of her without make up, revealing her dewy skin:

8. She has the prettiest birthday cakes

You don’t have to be Rachel Wong to have a slice of theses magnificent cakes — you just have to be invited to her party!



9. She studied fashion communications

Rachel graduated with a fashion communications diploma from Lasalle College of the Arts.

With regards to blogging as her profession, this is what Rachel has to say:

I was born in Singapore, I think Mr Lee made sure of this for most of the people from my generation onwards. 
I’m not good at my studies, I’m pretty average – I got 225 for my PSLE, 12 points for Os, then a diploma after that in Fashion Communications from Lasalle (boy, was that a tough ride) … 
Is that not proper in your mind? Why does your idea of proper have to be mine? 
Just because you have a traditionally ‘good’ job, or you work for the government and have a desk job that ‘guarantees’ your livelihood.. That makes your job is more proper than mine? 

10. Her outrageous accessories

Notice the bling bling on her teeth? Those aren’t braces, she was wearing silver grills.

To be outstanding is to be bold and really put yourself out there!



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Featured image via Reelity TV
With reference to Rachel Wong’s blog