Rishi Budhrani Grammatically Corrects & Fact-Checks Racist Remarks Against 3 NTU Undergrad Beer-Brewers

Binjai Beer from three Nanyang Technological University (NTU) undergrad students is the definitely the booze buzzword these days.

The trio, branded the ‘3 Muskerbeers’ by the Straits Times, had managed to brew their own ‘moonshine’ aka beer in hall.


Their ‘Binjai Brew’, named after NTU’s Binjai Hall, was surprisingly well-received by students.

But the operations were subsequently shut down after their 10th batch of production in February, after pumping $2,500 into the project.


Apparently, they had violated Singapore laws by brewing and accepting payment for their beer on campus grounds.

Of course, this wasn’t the end of the saga.

Comedian Rishi Budhrani has publicly called out certain netizens for their thinly veiled racist remarks on the thread of a Straits Times’ article covering this incident.


Here’s his post in full. We summarise his points after the jump.


Cold brewed facts

Mr Budhrani kicks off his post by outlining the facts of the story.

  1. Three NTU students brewed beer for fun in their hall.
  2. They made a few batches and got their friends to try it.
  3. People liked what they brewed and offered them cash for the beer.
  4. Campus found out and asked them to stop.

Turns out, one of the trio is Mr Budhrani’s cousin. But he states that their relationship has no bearing on what he’s about to discuss.

Debating about the issue is fair game

He talks about the arguments for and against their actions — with regards to the legality of their operation, and ethics involved.

There were also points raised about entrepreneurship, education and creativity.


Including insults about the NTU campus, and the masterminds behind the beer sale.

Rishi quoted that netizens quipped, “how stupid, brew on campus sure kena caught”, and questioned the quality of the actual beer.

He acknowledged all sides of the debate saying,

Ok la. All fair game.

Onslaught of racial arguments

However, this is where his commentary takes a turn for the serious.

Mr Budhrani calls out the prevailing “racial arguments” as follows,

What I’ve noticed, though, is that there has been an onslaught of RACIAL arguments against them.
Predictable. Racial. Arguments.

He worries that most of them are “trolls hiding behind pseudonyms”.

And chastises these netizens for choosing to be “racist on a public forum where the entire nation is watching”.

Rishi hilariously checks off four examples of such comments, which in his opinion have severe grammatical, spelling and logical flaws.

1. “NTU is lucky none of it’s students have been poisoned by keling’s home brewery”


Mr Budhrani first clarifies the meaning of the word “keling”, which refers to mostly South Indians.

Bringing up the example of “Bhais” which refers to North Indians, he points out that even racism has nuances.

He then corrects the racist remark as follows,

I hope that only the kelings who drank the beer got poisoned by the Keling’s Home Brewery.


I hope the Bhais get poisoned by the Keling’s Home Brewery. (Happy Vesakhi Guys.)

Finally, he points out that to be truly accurate, the comment should call it “Keling’s HALL Brewery” since it wasn’t even brewed at home.

2. “Keleng again?…brew moonshine…what is not new?”


Rishi also corrects the spelling of Keling, saying that netizens who wish to post racist comments, should “start agreeing on some spelling rules”.

Is it keLING or keLENG? You guys are one whole vowel off!

He suggests that they could pick a venue to get together to “sort it out”, and ironically suggests “Little India” for convenience’s sake.

Ripping the grammar of the second phrase to shreds, he quips,

Also do try to fix the grammar a bit. Did you mean, what is new? Or what is NOT new? What is NOT new sounds like THIS IS NEW!

Mr Budhrani adds that the comment’s phrasing makes it sound like the netizen is “on the side of the boys” instead, and savagely questions if perhaps the writer had “too much beer” too.

3. “SG’s beer too expensive, now mama have to brew their own, LOL”


This netizen’s comment has “some variation in the racism”, at least according to Rishi.

Referring to the students as “mama”, and throwing in economics and cost of living arguments to the mix.

He hilariously points out that,

But bro, if Mama can brew, everybody can drink right? So all Singaporeans who drink beer, win.

We also know for a fact that these boys “didn’t discriminate against who they allowed to try their beer”.

Mr Budhrani declared,

Anyone, regardless of race, language or religion, was given free will to taste their product.

Listing other items made by Indians, consumed by non-Indian Singaporeans:

  • Prata
  • Prata Plaster
  • Prata Tissue
  • Prata Cheese Mushroom
  • Prata telur-cheese-bawang-chocolate (SHIOK NAK MAMPUS)
  • Thosai
  • Fish Curry
  • Murtabak
  • Hainanese Chicken Rice*

*He thought they’d throw their “name in the hat” too, since “everyone’s fighting for this credit”.

4. “Send them back to their country.”


Rishi digs deep and tries to quantify this netizen’s bizarre comment about sending three Singaporeans involved “back to their country”.

He guesses that since NTU is far from everything, “it’s as good as another country (Malaysia maybe.)”, and says that perhaps the person was referring to asking Grab to send them home instead.

“Don’t let racism kill creativity.”

Mr Budhrani makes a sound case for would-be online trolls to take responsibility for their views — instead of hiding behind their keyboards as they continue to post racially insensitive remarks.

After all, the NTU students in this case have already been held accountable for their actions.

He leaves us with a poignant reminder,

And Singapore, do me a favor; Don’t let racism kill creativity.

And sanity, logic, respectable grammar and spelling as well.

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