Much drama on this second night of rallies

Tuesday was the first night of the rallies, with heavyweights like the PAP and Workers’ Party. With six rallies conducted yesterday (3 September), it was a more exciting night, with potentially more barbs traded.

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MustShareNews compiles the best quotes from these six individual rallies.

Han Hui Hui

“We need people who will attend all Parliament sessions, not people who enter and fall asleep.”

“We have to vote for people who will really do things. Not party hoppers – hop here hop there. This is not a grasshopper.”

Han Hui Hui is not the most popular woman around. If you watch this video, you’ll probably see that for yourself.

Not a very good start for her maiden election rally.

She was also mistaken for a certain legendary WWE superstar.

People’s Action Party

Janil Puthucheary; the truthful one

“I’ve lost a lot of hair, but I’ve made a lot of new friends and comrades.”

“The PAP will always be standing shoulder to shoulder with you.”

Lim Swee Say; the feel good guy

“We make sure government policy is good, make sure people understand, take care of them.”

Worker’s Party

Low Thia Khiang

“It has never been easy being in S’pore politics, especially if you take different view from PAP.”

Sylvia Lim

“Power has made the PAP more and more arrogant.”

“The Sports Minister should be committing hara kiri.”

Lim’s second quote was regarding the standard of Singapore football sliding so rapidly. This was made with reference to Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s comment in Parliament earlier this year about AHPETC’s financial problems.

An eye for an eye, anybody?

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Adrian Sim Tian Hock

“The PSLE system is flawed on the basis of determining the fate of our children.”

Singaporeans First

Tan Jee Say

“He is a good man but he joined the wrong party.”

On Minister Tharman.


Tan Peng Ann


“The first 40 years were great, but the last 10 years felt like something was not going right.”

Singapore Democratic Party

Chee Soon Juan; the health expert

“You will get diabetes.”

On the consequences of the PAP’s honeyed words during the election season.

What swords will be unsheathed in day 3?

Day 2 of election rallies have just rounded up. You can read our compilation of the best quotes from day 1 here. As the rallies begin to intensify and heat up, expect more blood to be shed.

MustShareNews will continue to bring you the compilations of the best quotes over all the election rally days.

We’re 8 days to Polling Day.

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