Friend Defends Singaporeans Charged For Rape

Many people have condemned the 4 Singaporean guys who were charged with the sexual assault of 2 girls in Taiwan last week — but a close female friend of 2 of the guys doesn’t believe they are guilty at all.

In fact, she says they are “gentlemanly” guys who would never do such a thing, and the sex was probably “consensual”.


MustShareNews interviewed the former secondary school mate in person, who gave us some insight into why she thinks so.


Speaking under anonymity, “Steph”, 23, tells us she went to the same local secondary school as Lau Wei Seng, Bryan Ong Kun Jun, Tan Juan Yin and Lim Wei Xuan.

While she knew all 4 of the guys, she was closer to Lau and Tan, whom she has known for about 10 years.

In fact Lau, whose flat the alleged rapes were committed in, was once interested in Steph — he would write handwritten notes to her, and even took her out to dinner once.

Better yet, he even bought a dress for her, despite not knowing much about women’s fashion.

Sounds like a gentleman no?


Nice Guys

Such sweet actions apparently are the embodiment of everything that Lau is — Stephanie described Lau as “just nice through and through”.

As an example, she said Lau would do favours like buying lunch for her without any hesitation, as he and Tan are the type who would go out of their way for their friends.

“They are also very respectful and would offer to help wash the dishes when they are over at their friends’ houses,” she said.

And she has never seen them disrespecting or bullying any girls. “They’re really good people,” she added.

“Even as a friend, you can tell they are gentlemanly guys. I can never put a label on them as douchebags.”


What Other Girls Say

Lest you think Steph is saying this just because Lau bought her a dress, she says all the other mutual friends she has spoken feel the same way as her, including the girls.

And Steph said she was recently talking about the arrest of the guys with a friend who also knows Lau and Tan, and they felt sad for the guys.

“We didn’t feel disgusted when we read the news, we felt upset that they’re in this predicament,” she said.

Here’s one of the guys in handcuffs outside a court in Taiwan:


Doesn’t Make Sense

When asked about the details of the case reported by the media, which described how the 4 guys had invited the 2 Taiwan girls back to Lau’s apartment, gotten them drunk and raped them despite their repeated pleas, Steph said she didn’t think they would do such a thing.

“I just don’t think they will make someone drunk on purpose and do such stupid things. Based on gut feel, I think it was consensual.”

She added that it “just doesn’t make sense” that Lau and Tan especially would do something like that, which would jeopardise their reputations.

She pointed out that Lau had just one year left in university before graduation, and Tan had “a good life” in Australia.

“I don’t think they’ll risk everything over something so stupid,” she said.

Don’t Judge

While netizens are slamming the guys for their alleged crimes, Steph said that we shouldn’t judge them: “I truly believe they didn’t force the girls. We shouldn’t be judging them it’s quite sad…”

Based on what they know of Lau and Tan, both Steph and her friend don’t think they are capable of forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.

“I don’t know what actually happened, I don’t think anyone will unless if they were there.

“But we feel that they didn’t force them to do anything. At least for Lau and Tan.”

However, Steph did admit that the guys were “dumb to a certain extent” for inviting the girls over to the apartment.

And if faced with irrefutable evidence that the guys are guilty, Steph said that “as much as I wish to believe and put my trust in them… as a friend I can only support them morally and hope that they learn from this”.

She does pity the girls too, and hopes they will get the support they need.

See You In Court

Lau, Tan, Ong and Lim are expected to appear in court in Taiwan this week.

They are being represented by Taiwanese lawyers, and face up to 10 years’ jail if they are convicted of rape.

We will be following the case closely for any new developments.

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