Bukit Batok recently became home to a colony of rats

Rottnest Island in Perth has attracted visitors from all over the world to pay a visit because of the free-roaming quokkas. But, why fork out an exorbitant fee for an air ticket? Here’s a free alternative within our own sunny island: rat watching.

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Netizen Mr Ryan Keith Smith kindly volunteered the information on Facebook, when he uploaded a video of more than 30 rats scampering around a hill near Bukit Batok MRT.

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While this might be an uncommon occurrence in Singapore, residents have had the privilege of seeing these furry little critters everyday.

X marks the spot – we’ve attached a map of where you can find these rats. You’re welcome.

Best time to watch them

Madam Lin, a 48-year-old technician said:

They are usually there after 5.30pm when I’m on my way home from work. I always see these rats when I wait for the train. I think something should be done.”

Still not convinced that this is a fun pastime? Check out the video below.

We have to thank the owners of Cuddles Cat Café for the dwindling number of cats by holding them captive – these rats may jolly well be eaten up by their cats.

Featured image via Facebook
With reference to WWF, Temasek Review Facebook, The Straits Times
Images via WWF, Temasek Review Facebook, Facebook, Telegraph, Facebook