Drats! Yet another rat!

On 18 October, unsuspecting shoppers at Bedok Mall were rattled when two big rats fell from the aircon duct in the ceiling.

Netizen William Lim managed to film what happened and shared his account on Facebook:

He said that one of the rats fell and broke its leg, while the other hid inside fitness shop AIBI.

In the video, the injured rat drew curious stares from onlookers as it tried to get away.

We’re not sure what happened to the rats, but hopefully they weren’t made into ratatouille. (Ed: that’s not what ratatouille is made of)

Not the first rat incident

Rat sightings are becoming increasingly commonplace in Singapore.

Last December, rats infested Bukit Batok, causing uproar amongst residents. More than 230 rats were later killed in a hilly area near Bukit Batok MRT.

One thing’s for sure, these furry rodents sure aren’t as popular as our migrant otters.

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Featured image via Facebook/ Mitsueki