Razer To Launch Gaming Mobile Phone on 1 Nov According To Leaks

Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang is the tech-man of the moment, after leaks on the internet hinted that his tech company will be releasing a mobile device for gaming on 1 Nov.

Earlier this year, the CEO impressed Singaporeans after he responded to PM Lee’s call for a e-payment system to be set-up, as part of the country’s move towards the Smart Nation initiative, on Twitter. The ex-lawyer delivered on his promise of submitting a proposal within two weeks after the initial contact on Twitter.

The first murmurs of a Razer phone started in 18 Oct, when Razer teased fans that they will be launching a gaming product.

While details were scant, the person in the poster seems to be holding something that looks like a phone, hinting that Razer would be releasing its own line of mobile devices. Our suspicions were confirmed after photos and the specifications of the phone were leaked online.

Photos and specifications of Razer’s mobile phone leaked online

In tweet on 3 Oct, Razer’s Vice-President Tom Moss and Nextbit CEO uploaded a picture of himself with CEO Tan Min-Liang. While it was nice that the two “managed to spend quality time together”, a strange bulge in Mr Tan’s pants raised a few eyebrows.

What kind of bulge were you expecting?

Don’t know it is? Take a closer look.

It’s a mobile phone with Razer’s logo on it!

If Slovakian tech site Techbyte is to be believed, then this is what the phone looks like from the back.


It’s been a long time coming

Ever since Razer acquired Nextbit in January 2017, tech fans have been speculating that the gaming company was planning to move into the mobile phone industry. The leaked design of Razer’s new phone was unsurprisingly similar to Nextbit’s Robin, a phone that uses cloud storage to back up data. Sales of the Robin was halted soon after Razer bought over Nextbit in Janurary 2017.


Their suspicions were fed after Mr Tan tweeted a cryptic post on 26 Sept which was taken down five hours later. Vulcan Post managed to capture Mr Tan’s post before it was taken down, and suggested that he was testing the phone’s camera and uploading functions.

A precursor of the phone’s camera?

Teasing fans

The ex-lawyer confirmed the speculation after he told CNBC that Razer was planning to launch a mobile gaming device before the end of 2017.

“We looked at the mobile devices market, and we saw so much room for innovation left in this space, despite what others were saying. We’ve been prepping for it and we will have a mobile device for gamers before the end of this year.”

While tech fans eagerly await the official launch of Razer’s smartphone, leaks on the phone’s specifications have been found online, with a few tech sites such as GFXBench. If the leaked specifications are to be believed, here is what fans can expect from the new phone.


The device will be powered by an Android operating system and 8GB of RAM.

We can’t wait

If Razer’s gaming phone is anything like the other gadgets produced by the company, then gaming on mobile devices will definitely be taken to a whole new level.

Perhaps, Singapore might even be one of the first few countries that will be able to retail the product.

Whatever the case, we certainly are proud that a Singaporean is flying our flag high and proudly in the tech industry.

Featured image from Razer.