A modern-day Singaporean rom-com

In commemoration of Cathay’s 80th anniversary, feature film Our Sister Mambo will be opening on July 15.

Expect Our Sister Mambo to be relatable to every Singaporean as it explores the themes of love, family and cross-cultural neighbourly ties with a sprinkling of Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese and Tamil. The movie revolves around four daughters and their overbearing mother played by actress/host/director Michelle Chong (Mambo), stage thespians Audrey Luo (Mrs Wong) and Ethel Yap (Grace) and actress-host Oon Shu An (Rose) and Malaysian actress-singer Joey Leong (June).

Sounds interesting already? We’re just getting started.

Here are 10 reasons why you should watch Our Sister Mambo:

1. Michelle Chong’s (on-screen) mother and older sister are younger than her


In an interview with TODAY, Michelle Chong said

“My mother is five — no, six — years younger than me. My elder sister is 11 years younger than me. I know I may look quite young because I’m well-maintained, but still…”.

32-year-old Audrey Luo plays Chong’s mother, while 27-year-old Ethel Yap plays her elder sister.

For Luo, playing the part of an older character is not new to her as she had done so for 881 The Musical in 2011. In the character of Mrs Wong, Luo had to appear as someone in her 50s – a role she coped with by mimicking her Cantonese mother and “can be just as ridiculous as Mrs Wong, like constantly taking selfies“.

2. Directed by an award-winning director and scripted by a famous playwright

osmSource/ Picture courtesy of Cathay Organisation

This project was helmed by Malaysia-born, Taiwan-based director Ho Wi Ding, who won the Best New Director award at the 47th Golden Horse Film Festival in 2010 for his drama-comedy Pinoy Sunday. Popular local playwright, Michael Chiang, creator of movie Army Daze, also wrote Our Sister Mambo.

3. Based on a remake of iconic Cathay films


Fifteen years after Cathay’s last original production That One Not EnoughOur Sister Mambo is a romantic comedy reinvented based on Cathay classic films Our Sister Hedy (1957) and The Greatest Civil War on Earth (1961).

4. A different Singaporean flavour

Picture courtesy of Cathay Organisation

If you’re getting weary of the typical local films with slapstick humour, give Our Sister Mambo a shot.

According to Choo Meileen, Cathay’s managing director (also the producer of the movie) , the movie is a “sweet little film”. In short, a rom-com, but with a unique Singaporean flavour.

5. The struggle is real

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 5.56.46 pmSource

As they say, life is like a drama and vice versa. In the movie, Michelle Chong left her promising job at a law firm to pursue her culinary dreams, much to the exasperation of Mrs Wong.

In reality, industry veteran Moses Lim also faced some objection against his decision to join showbiz, especially from his father. However, like Mambo, Lim took action before seeking acceptance.

6. Openly ogle at your eye candy

There will be no lack of eye candy for you to gawk at in the movie. Case in point: Oon Shu An, who plays sultry third sister Rose and Joey Leong, who plays the innocent baby of the family, June.

We know NPNT, so here it is…

Oon Shu An:

Picture courtesy of Cathay Organisation

Joey Leong:


7. Nostalgia

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 6.08.34 pmSource

Enter Mr and Mrs Wong’s bedroom – props such as the antique radio and clock would surely evoke a sense of nostalgia in you. I’m sure mummy, daddy, ah gong and ah ma will also feel nostalgic revisiting a film they’ve watched when they were kids, so be sure to take them along with you!

8. Catch all your favourite local comedians in one movie

Picture courtesy of Cathay Organisation/Source/Source

Funnyman Moses Lim has been missing from the silver screen since his last movie appearance in Just Follow Law eight years ago. Lim makes his comeback as Mr Wong, the man of the house who is a Cathay employee and a movie fanatic.

Actress/comedienne Siti Khalijah Zainal, who mainly performs on stage, makes her motion picture debut in Our Sister Mambo. Siti plays Chong’s best friend.

Chong, of course, needs no introduction. The popular actress/host/director plays the titular role of Mambo Wong, the second of the four Wong sisters.

Chong also revealed that Lim resembles her father, so expect great chemistry between the on-screen father and daughter.


9. Do your part for charity


You read that right – you can do your part for charity while enjoying the movie.

For every ticket sold in all cinemas, Cathay Organisation intends to donate SGD $1 to its adopted charities: S.P.C.A. Singapore, Canossaville Children’s Home, Assisi Hospice, Christalite Methodist Home, Community Chest.

10. Because it’s local!

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.53.25 pmSource

Who’s gonna support if locals don’t support locals?

As Michelle Chong puts it,

We must support local works — look at the Taiwanese, they’re always so proud of their own films. And the themes of this movie are very universal — it’s about families, marriage. Also, there are such good actors in the film. Don’t you want to watch them?

Mambo Ja Jambo

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, check out the movie trailer for yourself here:

Catch Our Sister Mambo in theatres 15 July onwards. Find out more about the movie on Instagram and Facebook.

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How many sisters are there in the Wong family?

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