Youth Corps Singapore and National Youth Council mark Red Box opening with mass volunteering event

What were you doing last Saturday morning?

Well, on 12 Mar, more than 1,000 youths volunteered simultaneously at nine different locations island-wide, serving the elderly, vulnerable families, people with special needs, and the environment.

The mass volunteering event was part of “Common Space for Common Good” — Youth Corps Singapore’s latest signature initiative.



Students from JCs, Polytechnics, and ITEs joined regular volunteers to serve 9 beneficiary organizations across different parts of Singapore.

At the launch of the event, Culture, Community and Youth Minister Grace Fu reminded young Singaporeans to take ownership of their community, starting with engaging in various community service projects.

So what went down?

Actress Kimberly Chia joined Youth Corps volunteers at the Moral Home for the Aged Sick, engaging in a physiotherapy session with the elderly.



In addition, the youth volunteers also spent time with persons with special needs and vulnerable families.



Groups also embarked on a coastal clean-up, ensuing that our beaches remain spick and span.



Revealing the Red Box

Ms Fu was also present to unveil The Red Box, a purpose-built centre in the heart of Orchard Road for youths to gather and exchange ideas for the betterment of Singapore.

The Red Box, located opposite *SCAPE, is named after Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s famous red briefcase, which contained important documents and ideas to make Singapore a better home.



Along the same vein, the new Youth Corps building aims to be an incubator for ideas and solutions for more caring and cohesive society.

Shining a light on youth volunteerism

The day ended with the assembly of the ‘Unite to Ignite’ installation, a collection of 460 lightboxes arranged to form the outline of the Singapore map.



Encased in each lightbulb is a small sprout, representing the potential of each youth member and their ability to spread the light of youth volunteerism.

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Featured image via Youth Corps Singapore