An “Enrollment Misevaluation” Led To Republic Polytechnic Students Being Accepted In The First Place

On the first day of class (16 Apr), there were 16 students who showed up for classes at Republic Polytechnic (RP).

No big deal, right? Just a tiny fraction of around 4500 students that make their way through RP’s doors each year.

Except that the 16 students’ first day of school was also their last.


According to an article published on Lianhe Wanbao, a “misevaluation” occurred in the school’s enrollment process.

This resulted in the acceptance of 16 students who did not meet the 26-point cutoff.

How did this happen?

While the article is in Chinese, a Reddit user by the name of u/denunciator has provided an accurate transcription of Lianhe Wanbao’s original coverage, dated 22 Apr.


Apparently, the affected students had completed all the requirements for being a Republic Poly student.

Except for meeting the cutoff point, that is.

A student that Wanbao interviewed – identified only as Ms How – stated that she had even done the following:

  • Paid the registration fees
  • Completed the enrollment process
  • Received her student ID card


Remedial actions

Republic Polytechnic has acted swiftly to put these 16 displaced students into positions at ITE.

They have already begun the process of arranging for them to transfer to other schools.

According to the article, half of the students have already accepted their new places.

However, not every student is happy with their forced displacement.


In Ms How’s case, her initial ITE course had filled in her vacancy with other students.

She might also be unable to study her preferred major, Human Resources.

Should they be allowed to stay?

Suddenly, the future looks uncertain for these 16 students.

Especially for Ms How, who scored 28 for her O-Levels and had an additional point from CCAs, meaning that she was off the mark by just one point.

Various netizens have come out in criticism towards Republic Polytechnic, feeling that the 16 students should be allowed to stay in the school.


In particular, a comment from a Chinese-speaking netizen takes the cake.

Here it is translated,

Sorry, but the steak you just ate was ordered by another guest. Please spit it out.

The fact that it came from an account named “Outback” just adds layers to this piece of social commentary.


Loads of drama in school

This year’s intake of polytechnic students has seen dramatic incidents which have inspired a ton of memes.

Starting with the antics of a student nicknamed Bumblebee, still making its rounds on social media.

Guess we can now add this unfortunate case to the list of drama too.

In all seriousness, we hope the students involved do find courses of their choices in other schools as soon as possible.

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