Using YouTube To Teach

Teachers, have you ever felt that your students prefer to watch YouTube videos on their phones rather than you? Of course you have.

Well, don’t sneer, but YouTube is your friend, not your rival. And believe it or not, it can help you become a better teacher.

Lesson Resources

Planning lessons is one of the headaches of being a teacher. But teachers nowadays are lucky they live in the Internet age.

Their new friend YouTube provides access to a plethora of instructional materials they can use in their lessons.

No matter what subject they’re looking for, there’s definitely something on YouTube that can help.

Here are some useful YouTube channels, sorted by subject:

Educational YouTube Channels

Category Channels
Science Make Me Genius

Naked Science

Brain Stuff


Periodic Videos

Maths Mr. Robb’s Math Videos

Ten Marks


Khan Academy

The Video Math Tutor


PatrickJMT Free Math Videos

Mathematics Online

Your Teacher




 Chemistry and Physics Institute of Physics

The Fuse School

Crash Course


Periodic Videos

English BBC Learning English

Learn American English Online

Speak English with Misterduncan

Learn English with Let’s Talk

Jennifer ESL

Educational Documentaries National Geographic

Documentary Films

HD Documentary Channel

The Documentary Network


History TV

General Knowledge Crash Course

Minute Physics

Smarter Every Day



All The Best To Teachers

We’d like to wish teachers all the best, as we know that their jobs aren’t easy.

As a parting gift, they can read our inspirational story of a teacher who connected with her students by dancing in a bunny suit, and in turn her students saved the last dance for her.

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