Blogger Roy Ngerng applies to join Reform Party

According to Reform Party (RP) Secretary-General Kenneth Jeyaretnam, blogger Roy Ngerng has expressed his interest in joining the party. Mr Ngerng has sent his application on Wednesday (5 Aug) and it will be reviewed by RP’s committee.

Mr Jeyaretnam mentioned that if Mr Ngerng’s application is successful, there’s a possibility that he will represent RP to contest in Ang Mo Kio GRC.


His application to join RP is not a big shocker after his latest blogpost last Tuesday (4 Aug). In that blogpost, he voiced his opinions about the government and his other reasons to contest in the upcoming General Election.

Netizens, however, aren’t convinced by Mr Ngerng’s reasons and opinions to contest in the upcoming GE, as proven by these 10 hot comments:

1. Maybe animals can contest in GE too?

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I wasn’t aware of that. If so, then I am definitely going to cast my vote to Mr Cat!

MR CAT Election Poster

2. Not sure where he got the money from?

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3. Must be from the donation!

Edited FB Comment 12

4. The real reason for joining RP

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This comment was so on point that even PM Lee will be impressed.

PM Lee

5. Roy Ngerng as Mr Incredible

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6. Singapore scandal series?

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7. Friends sitcom drama

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8. Roy’s own political party

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9. Did I hear wedding bells?

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10. The ultimate battle

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In case you didn’t know, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ang Mo Kio GRC and it will definitely be a battle that everyone is looking forward to.

this is spartaSource

In a nutshell

Despite what netizens have to say, Mr Ngerng choose RP as he felt that the party’s manifesto is similar to his. On Wednesday night (5 Aug), Ngerng and Mr Jeyaretnam did a walkabout at Telok Blangah Drive, which is within the West Coast GRC.

With Mr Ngerng’s involvement and blogpost, we can only wait to see if his application will be approved.

If his application is approved by RP, my question for you now is: Would he make an impact to the party?


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With references from The Straits Times