Low Thia Khiang set to contest at Aljunied GRC for GE2015

Last night (5 Aug), the Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party (WP), Low Thia Khiang confirmed with the media at his Meet the People session that he will be standing at the Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC) in the coming General Election.

The Secretary-General’s confirmation sends a message that the WP is prioritising the retention of Aljunied GRC over capturing other GRCs – giving us the hint that WP will adopt a defensive strategy in the coming General Election.

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Workers’ Party’s defensive stance

The WP’s defensive stance is not merely a strategy over the incumbent People’s Action Party, but also towards the many opposition parties.

It is definitely interesting to note the astute timing that the WP’s Secretary-General chose to inform the media that he will be defending his seat at the Aljunied GRC.

Mr Low announced the decision a night before the second Opposition meeting, and on the same day it was reported that the National Solidarity Party (NSP) had threatened the WP to send a team to contest at the Aljunied GRC during the first Opposition meeting.

The WP’s leading man of Aljunied GRC may just be sending a subtle message to the NSP, something like this –


Long-term plan centered on building Aljunied GRC’s success

Mr Low further elaborated that it is tough for the WP to venture into other constituencies of Singapore due to resource constraints – further affirming WP’s defensive strategy for the coming General Election.

Where else can we move? Our base is here. We don’t have the resources to go as far as the West or all over Singapore.

– Workers’ Party Secretary General, Low Thia Khiang

New WP candidates to be parachuted into Aljunied?

Mr Low stopped short of revealing the other candidates of the WP in Aljunied when queried by the media – hinting that there may be new faces in the WP’s Aljunied team at the coming General Election.

We will give you more information about the candidates and all that so let’s be patient about it. But I will stay.

– Low Thia Khiang

The current batch of Members of Parliament with Mr Low at the Aljunied GRC are WP President Sylvia Lim, MP Chen Show Mao, MP Muhamad Faisal bin Abdul Manap, and MP Pritam Singh.

More to come

Mr Low’s confirmation of his standing at the Aljunied GRC is just an initial revelation of the WP’s strategy and battle plan for the coming General Election, and we can expect to understand more of their plans after the second Opposition meeting this evening (6 Aug).

For now, it’s pretty clear that the WP’s top priority is retaining the Aljunied GRC.

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Featured Image via The Workers Party
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