Hong Kong YouTuber RickyKAZAF Critiques The Average Singaporean Guy’s Fashion

Hong Kong YouTuber RickyKAZAF recently uploaded a video critiquing the average Singaporean guy’s fashion.

If you had to picture what a typical Singaporean guy strolling along Orchard Road would look like, this image surely comes to mind.

A printed T-shirt with a funny logo or graphic, modest knee-length bermuda shorts, and a pair of $5.90 slippers from Giant hypermarket. Compared to our more fashionable city-dwelling neighbours in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Singaporean guys put in way less effort in dressing up.

In his video, RickyKAZAF critiques what he deems to be typical Singaporean men’s fashion. Although it’s in Cantonese, RickyKAZAF has kindly provided English and Mandarin subtitles. And fret not, we have summarized the key points he made after the jump.

Khaki For My Kakis

According to RickyKAZAF, this is the go-to look for an average Singaporean guy.

A black baseball cap with bold-framed glasses, and a cross body bag slung over the shoulders like so.

In particular, RickyKAZAF noticed that Singaporean guys really love wearing bermuda shorts.

In his video, he caught guys dressed in berms walking by every two seconds at Orchard MRT. We must have been in the same place because we saw them too.

His professional guess was that at least 80% of Singaporean men own a pair of shorts like this, with khaki being the most popular colour.

We hate to break it to you RickyKAZAF, but it’s also a popular colour for school uniforms, especially for certain fashion forward schools in Upper Bukit Timah. Maybe khaki is just comforting to some Singaporean guys?

Zhng-ing The Singaporean Look

RickyKAZAF decided that the typical Singaporean look didn’t suit his personal style, and made a valiant effort to improve upon it, keeping the bermuda shorts as a key point in his proposed outfits. He also provided a few styling tips which you are advised to take with a pinch of salt. After all, since he was only here for a week on holiday, we should really cut him some literal slacks.

The Asian Jock

Rolling up his khaki shorts to elongate his legs, he paired a white baseball cap with mainly white-based sneakers or sports shoes for a sporty, energetic look.

The Korean Oppa

For a nerdy-chic Korean inspired look, he selected a light blue shirt with rolled up sleeves and grey sneakers suitable for Singapore’s hotter weather. He accessorized this ensemble with gold round-framed glasses and a leather bag to complement the khaki tones of his bermuda shorts.

Why should we care what RickyKAZAF thinks?

As to whether his styling tips are useful to average Singaporean guys, we can’t say for sure. However, it is important to note that with over 130,000 subscribers on YouTube and 40,000 followers on Instagram, RickyKAZAF almost an authority on men’s fashion and style. He is also a renowned senior makeup instructor in a makeup school in Hong Kong which specializes in styling tips and services for men.

You can check out his hilarious video that has amassed over 1.1 million views, in which RickyKAZAF and fellow YouTuber Miss Hunny successfully bamboozle crowds in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong by impersonating K-pop stars.

Boy Put Your Khakis On

We think that RickyKAZAF may have a point about the untapped potential of bermuda shorts in the local go-to look for Singaporean guys.

If you disagree with his styling tips because they do not suit your personal style, the odds are that you’re probably a well-dressed Singaporean guy with wardrobe options beyond the occasional khakis. For the rest of you who’ve been inspired by RickyKAZAF,  perhaps some research on male blogshops is a good place to begin your fashion intervention.

If you’re one of the many bermuda-wearing Singaporean guys that RickyKAZAF featured in his video do let us know your side of the story. We also welcome tips about other fashion trends for Singaporean guys.

Featured image from RickyKAZAF