S’pore Company Riway’s ‘Cancer-Curing’ Health Supplement Is A Scam, Warns HSA

S’porean Company Riway Claims That Its Product Can Cure Cancer

If by chance, you’ve attend one of Riway’s presentations at its office in Ang Mo Kio, you would have heard many great things about its flagship health supplement — Purtier Placenta.


The marketers will tell you that this supplement, made from the ever-exotic “deer placenta” will cure you of cancer, eczema, stroke, ageing and probably any mortal disease the marketing team can think of.

But according to the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), all that is bollocks — the health supplement is a scam.

Supplement said to be “live cell therapy”

Marketing materials at Riway’s presentation apparently promote the health supplement as a form of “live cell therapy”.

A HSA spokeperson told the Straits Times that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this.

The company also uses a “2008 laboratory report” to convince people that the drug is safe for consumption. Yet, little do people know that the report was for a test on heavy metals, not safety for consumption.

Riway’s presentation, or ‘brag-fest’

HSA issues warning

HSA has since ordered Riway’s marketers to cease making false claims about their products and using that single laboratory report as evidence of the supplement’s safety.

By law, sellers who make false advertisements on health products can be imprisoned for up to 2 years and fined up to $5,000.

Beware of ‘miracle’ health supplements

If you know of anyone who’s been on the health supplement, it’s time to inform them and tell them to stop wasting their money.

There are probably lots of other fake health supplements like these in the market that claim all-cure properties. Here are a few tell-tale signs:

  • Company holds presentations to brag about their sales
  • Packaging looks expensive
  • Marketers are pushy and will tell you about other customers’ experiences
  • Dubious lab reports about the supplements’ safety

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