‘Rooftopping’ In Singapore For Instagram May Be Illegal

Although your friends may judge you for standing on the table to snap a flatlay of your stone-cold meal for Instagram, these Singaporean Instagrammers have taken ‘doin’ it for the gram’ to new heights. Literally.

The latest trend to hit Instagram apparently involves dangling off the ledges of skyscrapers to get the perfect shot.

Disturbingly, the actions of these self-proclaimed ‘rooftoppers’ do not appear to be entirely legal.

Getting The Money Shot

Despite accusations that they have entered private buildings without gaining prior permission, some ‘rooftoppers’ have vehemently denied that they are guilty of trespassing, according to Channel NewsAsia’s (CNA) report on 14 Dec.

We take a look at 10 money shots by these millennial daredevils and consider if any of them are worth risking human lives over.

1. Casually checking out a camera roll while chilling on a ledge

In this meta shot of someone taking a picture of a photographer taking a picture, we do appreciate the stunning view of Singapore’s cityscape.


But surely there’s a better place to scroll through your camera’s feed? A building ledge is definitely the last place to be distracted.

2. A contemplation of life

In this contemplation of urban life, it’s hard to grasp why this girl does not feel the need to grip something very tightly, while perched up so high.


She deserves points for sheer commitment to her art form. But we’re curious about how the picture she’s taking will turn out.

3. Taking a walk on the wild side

If dystopian landscapes and suburban haunts are your kind of thing, you may appreciate this guy’s version of living on the edge.


Though we’re sure he enjoyed the uninhibited view of the clear skies, we think this guy’s idea of a leisurely walk is pretty extreme.

Given Singapore’s unpredictable weather, there’s no guarantee if the floodgates will be released while he’s still up there. Of course, this may be a slippery slope kind of argument.

4. This wanderer must be lost

Though Hollywood heists do involve an unnatural amount of masked vigilantes in exhilarating rooftop chase sequences, this photo actually shows just how dangerous it is to take a gamble at it — without the necessary safety precautions.


As the saying goes “those who wander are not lost”.

If you’re wandering along the edge of a building just to get a cool shot for Instagram, most Singaporeans would argue that you may lose a lot more than your direction in life.

5. Leg-fie

The infamous leg-fie has been making its rounds around Instagram since time immemorial.


But this guy’s money shot, actually adds new meaning to never skipping legs day.

6. You are not a bird

For a bird’s eye view to the entire city, there’s this precariously perched entry on the list.

All things considered, this pic really highlights the photographer’s commitment to getting an #instaworthy shot.


Although we do admit that it’s a pretty dope shot of his trousers and shoes, we don’t get why he had to risk everything to get this high on life.

7. Through the looking glass

This picture could be interpreted as a metaphor for putting life into perspective.

But it just doesn’t seem like a wise thing to do for someone who doesn’t have the best eyesight.


Definitely a near-sighted judgement call.

8. Nerves of steel

The symmetry in this shot is pretty aesthetically pleasing to look at.


Unfortunately, since the mere mortal in the picture is neither bird nor plane, we think that these kind of shots are best left to professional superheroes.

9. A glimpse of the future

If Singapore had a Spiderman, this is how we’d imagine him resting while on his lunch break between being Peter Parker and solving crime.


On the other hand, this could also be symbolic of someone meeting certain injury, if these death-defying stunts are kept up by Spiderman wannabes.

10. Bonus: U-bin Crazy

We know this isn’t a shot of a skyscraper but we’ve included this stunning shot of Pulau Ubin that could’ve been just as nice, further away from the edge.


This person has really gone to great lengths for this shot.

If it wasn’t bad enough that these people are dangling, perching and standing on top of rooftops and crazy heights, this fella had to one-up everyone else by doing it one-legged and on uneven terrain.

Safety Concerns

Despite some of these shots being arguably cool, with the recent death of a Chinese rooftopper, people are starting to question if this trend is even a good idea.

According to CNA, a rooftopper who was interviewed even quipped, “Your life is greater than your ego and following on social media”.

But he purportedly continues to go rooftopping anyway. Which makes absolutely no sense to us.

Netizens have also voiced their distaste over this phenomenon.

In particular, this photographer worries that these rooftoppers will end up spoiling the market for other photographers.


Others pointed out a legitimate concern about the possibility of killer litter.


While some netizens mused that we should just let evolution do it’s thing.


All jokes aside, this netizen makes a great point about the practice being a blatant disregard for the sanctity of life.


Trends Come and Go

Hopefully, rooftopping will turn out to be yet another passing Instagram fad, like posing with a neon sign or a hypebeast #ootd.

But the idea that so many young people are nonchalantly risking their lives, just to take the perfect picture for their Instagram page is definitely troubling.

That being said, regular selfies don’t actually have to be boring, with the right filters and Photoshop skills.


Featured images from Instagram and Instagram.