Seems like Ngerng’s dream was over before it even came true

Former MP hopeful Roy Ngerng’s dream of entering parliament was dashed when the Returning Officer announced PAP’s Ang Mo Kio GRC win, with 78.6% of votes.

Ngerng, who seems to have thrown in the towel for now, said that he would focus on “putting food on the table” instead of continuing with Opposition politics.

We’re wondering how Ngerng intends to put food on the table – maybe he means it literally, to put food on the table and review them? Perhaps he read about how much food bloggers make and wants to give it a shot too.

He’s a well-known blogger, after all.


Ngerng pleads guilty to two counts

This announcement came after he was fined S$1,900 for organising a demonstration at Hong Lim Park on 27 Sept last year without approval, and for being a public nuisance.

34-year-old Ngerng has pleaded guilty to both charges yesterday (7 Oct).

He is among the six people accused of heckling special needs children’s YMCA Prom @ The Park 2014 event, which took place on the same day as the #ReturnOurCPF campaign.

Co-accused Chua Siew Leng was fined S$300 for her minor involvement in causing public nuisance. The others charged are Ngerng’s fellow blogger/BFF Han Hui Hui, Low Wai Choo, Koh Yew Beng, and Goh Aik Huat, who have all claimed trial. Their cases will be heard next week.

Ngerng was the only one who pleaded guilty instead of claiming trial. When questioned by reporters, Ngerng said that “all of them were doing this to help the country and he would like to focus on that”.

What happened?

Ngerng and comrades had made four applications for a permit to speak at Hong Lim Park’s Speakers’ Corner. Their applications were all approved.

What they didn’t know, was that they would be sharing the space with YMCA’s event. Unhappy, Ngerng concurred with Han’s suggestion to “walk one round”, and the BFFs led their group of about 20 people to march around YMCA’s area while blowing whistles, chanting slogans, and beating drums.

Ngerng’s lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam said that Ngerng was not aware that a separate approval was needed to hold a demonstration.

According to Thuraisingam, Ngerng’s “offence is ignorance”.

Seems like ignorance isn’t bliss after all.


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