Roy Ngerng fails to show up in court, M Ravi is displeased

It appears that Ravi and Roy are BFFs no more.

After considering him to be “too impulsive” to be a politician, lawyer and potential-PM M Ravi has called out his client, suggesting that Roy wants to run away with the monies crowdfunded for his legal fees.

Last Friday (6 February), M Ravi expressed his disappointment at his client’s failure to turn up in court. The duo were slated to appear for Roy’s application to leave for Norway, outside of Singapore’s jurisdiction.

The lawyer then launched into a tirade, slamming Roy for his unprofessionalism, and basically insinuated that the blogger wanted to abscond to Norway with $112,000 collected for his defamation suit.

UPDATE (10 Febuary) : The Facebook video has been taken down

UPDATE (10 Febuary) : We’ve found another source, this time with subtitles.

Ravi also called Roy to be more transparent, while alleging that Roy’s father was using the monies to generate interest.

He (Roy) says the money is with his father. Father, I understand, is a Ah Long San. He is..interest is earning. The money should be in my [client’s] account to be sent to Davinder Singh.

He (Roy) wants to ask the government to account, right? Temasek Holdings? Ask him to be accountable to the people.

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Maybe Ravi’s trying to distance himself from his client in preparation for his GE campaign.

Roy’s tale

Meanwhile, Roy Ngerng has taken to his blog to confirm that $29,000 in summary judgment costs has been paid to PM Lee’s lawyers at Drew & Napier. Of course, things are never that simple when it comes to Mr Ngerng, so he couldn’t help himself but to put in some spicy details.


So Roy’s little upset cause D&N took a while to respond to him. Sounds like lawyers are stuck up brats who waste the time of us peasants.

Except, for the little rule that lawyers cannot speak to the other party without their lawyers present. In fact, the entire issue was resolved when Roy called his lawyer to handle to payment.


D&N is not at fault here for making him wait, but it’s Roy lack of knowledge of the law that led him to waste his own time in the first place. For a man who’s calling for more transparency, he could do with being a little more transparent himself.