Roy Ngerng is considering to run for upcoming election

For me, government is not where the best people are. Government is where the people who want to better Singapore are. It should not be about making money. It should not be about having power. It is about making Singapore a better place.

Roy Ngerng

This is one of the reasons for blogger Roy Ngerng to consider running for the upcoming General Election (GE).

In his latest blogpost yesterday (4 Aug), he stated his opinions about the government and his other reasons to contest in the upcoming GE. The 34-year-old felt that he would be able to represent Singaporeans’ voice in the government.


To run or not to run for upcoming GE?

We have read through Ngerng’s blogpost and deciphered five of his reasons to contest:

1. He wants to serve Singaporeans

Ngerng believes that those who are in the government should serve Singapore sincerely. The Government should also be making Singapore a better place not just by infrastructure but by creating a place where Singaporeans can call home.

1st reasons

2. Creates a government that is not above the people

Ngerng feels that the government should be treated equally as the citizens. That will then allow equal opportunities for Singaporeans to move forward as one.

2nd reasons

3. To ensure that Singaporeans are united

Ngerng thinks that Singaporeans can come together as one to solve issues that we are facing. He believes that the government does not have all the answers but can figure it out with the aid of the citizens.

3rd reasons

4. Change Singapore into a better society

Ngerng wants to change the money-minded and power-hungry society into one where status is not as important.

4th reasons

5. To forge Singaporeans who are proud of the nation

Ngerng’s desire is for Singaporeans to be proud of themselves and of the country. Singapore is the place where we can develop our talents and achieve a greater success as one.

5th reasons

Here’s what to expect if Roy Ngerng got elected

After decoding his reasons above, MustShareNews might have figured out what you can expect if Ngerng is successfully elected.

Return of CPF money

There’s a possibility that Ngerng will be giving us back our CPF money that the government has been holding. Just imagine what you can buy with all that money!

cpf money - edited

Guest Of Honour for PinkDot

It is a well-known fact that Ngerng is an advocate of the LGBT community here in Singapore. So, if he is elected, there is a possibility that he would be the Guest of Honour for future Pink Dot events.


Freedom of expression in Singapore

Mr Ngerng likes to express his views on the government through his social media accounts. He had also spoken up during the Amos Yee saga. It would be no doubt that there would be more freedom of speech if he is elected.

freedom of speechSource

Would you elect him?

Ngerng has already met with Kenneth Jeyaretnam, secretary-general of the Reform Party. He also announced on his social media platforms that he will be joining them on a walkabout at Telok Blangah on Wednesday evening.

Ngerng also posted a poll on his blog asking readers to help him decide if he should run. As of today (5 Aug) at 5.30pm, he has obtained 964 votes, with 72.61% (700 votes) supported his reasons to run in the upcoming GE.


With the reasons presented to you above and what you can expect if he is elected, my question for you now is: How much impact can he make if he is indeed elected?

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