Roy Ngerng’s Un-Un-Un-Un-Unbreakable Defence Against Davinder Singh

The court case between Roy Ngerng and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has entered the second day. Yesterday, Roy Ngerng grilled Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in the the defamation lawsuit. Today (2 July), the tables were turned as Roy Ngerng was cross-examined by PM Lee’s lawyer, Davinder Singh.

Ngerng employed 3 defence tactics to swat away against Mr Singh’s burning questions.

MustShareNews analyses Ngerng’s 3 defence tactics.

Tactic #1 – Claiming ignorance in the face of danger

Ngerng’s first defence tactic is the conventional idea of “playing dumb”.

He claimed ignorance about the magnitude of using the phrase “criminal misappropriation” in the article that was found to have defamed the PM.

Roy also noted that he had to look into the dictionary for the meaning of “criminal misappropriation” after receiving the court letters by Mr Lee’s lawyers

I am not legally trained … I do not know what criminal misappropriation in legal terms (meant)

– Roy Ngerng Yi Ling

Why then, did Roy even use the word in his article?

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Counterattack by Singh

Davinder Singh did not buy Ngerng’s story.

He pointed out that Ngerng is familiar about the City Harvest Church scandal — the church was accused of misusing church funds — and Ngerng had used City Harvest Church as examples in his controversial article.

Mr Singh continued his attacks that Ngerng should have be aware of the seriousness of the word “criminal misappropriation”.

You knew that (your) article illustrated how the Government had misappropriate the CPF monies, you knew that you had a comparison to City Harvest Church in circumstances where it has been reported where the four City Harvest accused were charged with misappropriation, you knew that misappropriation was a crime. (But) you have the audacity in your affidavit and in court yesterday and today to tell the court you have no intention to defame?

-Lawyer Davinder Singh

Mr Singh is not letting Ngerng off easily.

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Tactic #2 – Proclaim your admiration for your enemy

Mr Singh also asked Ngerng if he had thought the Prime Minister had committed a crime in relation to Central Provident Fund (CPF) monies.

Ngerng replied that he have never met PM Lee before, and thus does not think that PM Lee committed a crime with the CPF monies. He even added that he saw PM Lee as a “compassionate person”

It is not right for me to make an accusation or assumption … (I) saw him as a compassionate person … I do not think PM had misappropriated the fund, I do not know him in person.

– Roy Ngerng


Singh’s Continuous Attack

Roy’s comment broke no ice in Mr Singh’s cold and blunt attacks, as Drew and Napier’s representative continued firing away.

Mr Singh emphasised that as Ngerng’s previous jobs was involved in crafting messages, Ngerng should understand the importance to use concise, clear, and proper language.

Mr Singh further asserted that Ngerng’s desire to rise among the people and be a champion for them had gone too far, resulting in the defamation made filed PM Lee.

so consumed by his (Ngerng) desire to be a champion of CPF issues and wanted to enhance his own standing and therefore made untrue accusations against Mr Lee.

– Davinder Singh

Tactic #3 – Staying Humble

Ngerng simply and humbly retorted that he does not care about fame, asserting that if the Singapore Government will take care of the people, he will put a stop to his vigilante activities.

If the Government takes care of Singaporeans, I’d be more than happy to stop writing, and be happy to be a waiter or cleaner

– Roy Ngerng

Oh please Roy, we all know what you are really to hint at.


Roy Ngerng – The Master of Tai Chi

Ngerng certainly display his gifted tai chi skills against Davinder Singh today.

However, it remains to be seen if Ngerng can use his talent to push away the damages to be paid to PM Lee.

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