How we celebrated SAF Day: stalking soldiers on social media.

You Post, We Stalk — a slogan we at MustShareNews could use to describe the way we mark every. special. occasion. ever.

On this week’s edition of You Post, We Stalk, we waited all day yesterday (1 July) for NSFs and NSMen to get all sweet and sentimental.

Because, add a dash of SAF day to a bowl of sweet and sentimental soldiers and you get: a sea of fun and (mostly) green photos that make you wish you never abandoned your NDP tickets on Carousell for $400.

But in all seriousness, thank you to all the men and women who have kept Singapore safe and peaceful these 50 years.

Here’s the final result of our hipster way of celebrating the special occasion:

14 social media posts to inspire you to sign on or buy $400 NDP tickets (jk.)



“If I knew how to Hadouken I would probably be able to protect my country better.”

Helpful NSman is helpful on SAF day and gives the SAF feedback to improve combat training in his caption. Take notes, Sirs.

2. The Squad Goals


Buff lord status: check.

Manly poses: check.

Swoon worthy smiles: check.

This squad is on point.



There’s…. more E’s for the bigger Hadouken.

4. The Dream Team

This photo is the reason you can sleep peacefully at night.

5. The Retired Soldier But Even More Accomplished Citizen

This photo is the ex-reason you can sleep peacefully at night.

FYI: Rui Yong was featured in a previous SEA Games article of ours for making us unsure if he’s running a marathon or performing on Broadway.

6. The Mascot

Sharity the Elephant finally makes a comeback after years of not being seen on Community Chest donation envelopes, and steals a soldier’s jockey cap — which is barely able to cover those dense bangs — while at it.

7. The ‘I wear my number 4 to work every SAF day’

You know, that one dedicated colleague of yours.

8. The novel writer

This guy’s words literally bleed patriotism. #Respect

9. The Family Goals

Aren’t wives and children who are super supportive of their military daddies just the sweetest? You’re lying if this didn’t make you go awwwwww.

10. The Profile Picture

Looking dapper there, Minister Tan.

11. The Squad Goals, Airforce edition

We would all fall for it if we were told this was an Airforce movie still from the 80s.

12. The Ultimate Throwback

Made complete by the retro SAF uniform, so-yesterday hair and glasses that aren’t this:

black frame glassesSource

13. The Artsy Fartsy

Who doesn’t love a pencil-drawn soldier looking really perfect because he’s pencil-drawn?

14. The Mandatory Human Formed Word

Courtesy of Mrs Fu, here’s The Navy forming straight lines not only to form straight lines, but also to form the words of the year — “SG 50”.

The nation thanks you, now be an aunty and use up all those promos

Thank you to all the men and wo – oh, we’ve already said that.

Faster go USS la, you only get once chance every year to go all aunty mode on the SAF day promotions. Shoo!

MustShareNews wishes you a Happy Belated (because stalking) SAF Day! Peace.

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