Singaporeans will be able to know GE results earlier than previous election

No more waiting past midnight just for the results.

Singaporeans can now get an indication of the expected results on the polling date (11 Sep) this upcoming General Election (GE). The Elections Department (ELD) announced that there will be sample counts for each district after the polling stations close at 8pm. Just by counting the sample votes, Singaporeans can know the predicted outcome by 10pm.


ELD states the importance of having the samples count, highlighting:

It helps prevent speculation and misinformation from unofficial sources while counting is underway, before counting is completed and the election results are announced. A sample count also helps election officials check against the election result for that electoral division.

However, the final results can be different as this is just a sample count. The Returning Officer will then announce the final results live.

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How will the sample votes be counted?

Counting assistants will pick 100 ballot votes randomly at each polling station — in the presence of the candidates and counting agents — which they will then proceed to count in front of them.

The different number of votes cast at each station will be accounted for when the votes are added up by sample counts. Then, the counted votes will be shown as a percentage of the valid votes earned by each candidate.

The Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) will then record the votes and share it with candidates and their agents. The sample count for the division will be released to the media and published on the ELD website.

Would it be effective?

According to The Straits Times, the random sample counts are 95% effective. While the level of confidence for this method is high, tune in for the confirmed results from the ARO.


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With references from The Straits Times