SBS Bus Made A Sudden Swerve Into The Fast Lane

Drivers who refuse to drive on the fast lane for fear of colliding into the road divider may at times be dismissed as delusional.

But perhaps those fears are more realistic than we thought.

On Friday (16 Mar), a 39-sec rear dash cam footage of a motorcyclist sideswiped by an SBS Transit bus on the Tampines Expressway (TPE) was shared on Singapore traffic group,

You can watch the video in full here, we also break it down for you after the jump.

Collision along TPE

According to the video’s timestamp, the accident took place 3 days prior to the upload, on 13 Mar at around 5.15pm.

At the start of the clip, traffic appeared rather smooth, despite it being the start of the evening peak-hour.


The vehicle which the footage was captured on was travelling on the first lane where traffic is often the fastest. Following behind was a motorcyclist who mindfully kept a safe distance from the car.

At the 13-sec mark of the video, the driver can be seen overtaking a service number 27 SBS bus, which was travelling on the slower second lane.


Just seconds later, the bus made a sudden swerve to the left, colliding into the road divider and sideswiping the motorcyclist travelling behind the car.


Even though the exact moment of impact wasn’t captured by the dash cam, we can assume that the bike rider was struck by the bus, given the speed at which he was travelling.


Following the impact, the bus immediately veered back to its original lane, before pulling to a stop.

Netizens speculate on the cause of the accident

Given the dramatic nature of the footage, netizens couldn’t help but speculate on what could have caused the accident.

A handful of netizens felt that the bus driver had fallen asleep while on the wheel.


One netizen suggested that it was also possible that the bus driver might have lost consciousness, similar to an accident that happened on Sheares bridge earlier this month.


Another netizen claimed that he was at the scene of the accident and saw that the motorcyclist only sustained minor injuries.


We certainly hope that’s the case!

May the motorcyclist recover swiftly

Regardless of the cause, we hope the motorcyclist did not sustain any major injuries and will make a swift recovery.

We hope all motorists stay safe on the road and be mindful of their surroundings at all times.

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