Halloween Pranks In Singapore

It’s that time of the year again and people are taking to the street to play pranks on fellow Singaporeans. We have the prank of a scary girl standing in an underpass…

and this prank of a dude wieldind a “parang” to freak people out.

Worldwide Viral Pranks

This trend is happening all around the world—a few months ago, we saw the “Spider Dog” prank, which is mostly harmless,

but the prank in which someone who pretended to be a hitman almost got the filmmaker arrested.

The pranks get scarier—there’s one where someone pretended to be a flesh-eating zombie, much to the alarm of a driver,

and one where someone pretended to be killing another person with a chainsaw.

It’s Funny Until Someone Gets Hurt

Many commenters had this to say about the chainsaw prank:shoot

This begets the question, how much is too much?

What we have taking place in Singapore is harmless—at most, a few people have been scared, nothing more. But some of these are more severe—the Russian hitman prank led people into thinking that they may die, and the zombie prank caused a traffic accident.

It seems like there is a need to draw the line with these pranks. Many of them can be fun, when done right, but it looks like people are capitalising on the fear of others for more page views. Unlike Halloween Horror Nights at USS, people did not pay for and agree to be scared—they merely stumbled upon and became a victim of a prank.

Endangering another person’s safety without their consent is not cool—what if he or she has medical problems? The best thing to do is to rope all your friends in and have fun. At least no one will get hurt, and these “victims” know what they’re in for.

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Screenshot via F.O.M.O PRODUCTIONS