Mascots Ease First-Day Jitters?

Some children may understandably have some apprehension over attending a new school for the first time.

When we started our first day of primary school decades ago, our parents just left us to our own devices in the classroom.

Schools today are rather different though – a bowl of noodles in the canteen used to cost 50 cents, but we’re sure that’s not the case now.

So what have modern schools done to ease the jitters for new pupils?

Creepy Mascots

At Unity Primary School in Choa Chu Kang, slightly creepy mascots tried to interact with the children, according to this video from The Straits Times.


Don’t you think the bunny looks like the crazy bunny in animated movie “Pets”?



Netizens Creeped Out

Some netizens on The Straits Times’ Facebook page were also freaked out.



But some others thought it was a nice touch.


Dancing Children

Across the island at Westwood Primary School in Jurong West, they got older pupils to welcome their juniors by dancing for them.


I guess instead of hiring professional mascots, they figured that “child labour” would be better.

Pity For The Kids

Some netizens pitied the dancing children.



Others said the teachers should dance instead….like they don’t have enough work to do already.


Malaysian Mascots

Not to be outdone, our neighbours across the Causeway also invited “special” greeters on the first day of school.

Instead of furry mascots, a superhero awaited children at SK Sri Rengit in Malaysia’s city of Batu Pahat. None other than Ultraman stood with staff at the gates of the school to welcome the newcomers.



Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Scientex in Pasir Gudang, Johor, tapped cuter Disney characters – the mice looked a bit “pirated” though.



Mascots Mania

For all pupils who are starting their first day of primary school mascot-less, we hope you have a great day anyway. And for those who do have mascot, remember that they won’t be there everyday!

Featured image from YouTube