South China Morning Post Produces 2 Articles And 1 Video Dissing The MRT

On Saturday (21 Oct) an article referring to our SMRT trains as a “laughing stock” was published.

The next day, another article questioning the delays of our metro was written as well.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Just another day in Singapore’s media.

Except, not really.


Because this time, the articles were published by broadsheet South China Morning Post (SCMP) – Hong Kong’s version of The Straits Times – instead.

Which is kinda odd seeing as how our trains isn’t really a concern of theirs.

Comparing Singapore’s MRT to Hong Kong and Taipei’s  

Let’s take a look at the first article, which was shared over 17,500 times — roughly equivalent to the number of train breakdowns since 2011. (That’s a joke, you guys.)

It starts off by highlighting Mr Khaw’s statements during the post-flood press conference — which we’ve already discussed previously here.


It also features several Singaporeans and talks about how they’ve grown frustrated in recent time.

But we’ve written more than enough about that already.

What’s more interesting however, is the numerous comparisons made towards Hong Kong and Taiwan’s “superior train reliability”.

They also referred to top SMRT/transport officials as Russian supreme rulers, but no arguments from us.

The article mentions that despite the Government spending hundreds of millions of dollars since 1987 to improve the system, we are still lagging behind Hong Kong and Taipei.

How things should’ve apparently been done.

Which is fine and all but is this really necessary?

It even provides statistics such as Singapore’s rail network distance with the amount of passengers daily compared to that in Hong Kong and Taipei.

Fine, we get it. Our trains stink.

Which feels slightly irrelevant at this point considering they didn’t provide any solutions or alternatives to our problems.

There’s even a helpful Facebook video

They also made a video comparing the differences between Singapore’s MRT and Hong Kong’s MTR.

Because reasons.

Take a look at the video below:

We’re not entirely sure exactly why they’re doing this – considering the issues don’t even affect their country – but hey, it’s their website and they can publish whatever they want.

Plus if it gets more attention, Mr Khaw and friends might actually take notice that even other countries are looking down on our supposed “world class” transport system.

Maybe then will change finally take place.

The journalist behind the articles

So who exactly is the person from Hong Kong’s newspaper of record that wrote these 2 articles?

Which foreigner dares to praise their transport system at the expense of our own?


Turns out, the person behind the articles is actually a Singaporean.



Okay then.

Keep up the journalism, fellow countryman.

Featured image from Facebook and SCMP