Scoot just made a very passive-aggressive shot firing video

Scoot Airlines Chief Executive Officer Campbell Wilson is very flattered.

Flattered that his airline has “inspired” the designs and colour scheme of North American aircraft carrier, Spirit Airlines, Scoot has posted a video to their Facebook page essentially accusing Spirit of plagiarism. They smartly avoided mentioning the word “plagiarism” too.

Like Scoot, Spirit is also a low-cost carrier.

Here are some of the the similarities the two airlines have:

Comparison of designs



Guess which one belongs to Scoot? (Turns out Wilson isn’t too sure either)

But they’re not mad, they’re flattered!


In fact, they’re sending a step-by-step kit, enclosed in a FedEx box, to the Spirit CEO, Ben Baldanza!


All in the spirit of fun!

This is legitimately good marketing

Colour us impressed, because Scoot has not only called out the suspiciously similar colour scheme of Spirit, they’ve also scored points with their customers with their unconventional video. Although there may have been a hint of passive-aggressiveness in Mr. Wilson’s tone, others would probably have sued the pants off of Spirit if their designs were this similar.

Most netizens who commented on the video were positive, commending Scoot for their style and creativity.

As for Spirit, they’ve had a long history of controversies, including a strike, usage of acronyms with double meanings, and capitalising on controversies in their ad campaigns.

We really wouldn’t be surprised if Spirit did plagiarise Scoot, because the campaign of Spirit really closely resembles Scoot’s, and Scoot came first (in 2012) while Spirit’s campaign resembling Scoot’s was in 2014.

Who knows, maybe Spirit will undergo a spiritual awakening after this video?

Here’s the full video.

So a little yellow birdie told us that a certain American airline looks familiar. It looks like #ScootInspires their current campaign…well, we’re really flattered! Watch this video and tell us what you think!

Posted by FlyScoot on Thursday, 9 April 2015

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