How Much Did You Achieve This Weekend?

While most Singaporeans began August celebrating our nation’s 50th birthday, opposition political parties began the month by gearing up their campaign for the upcoming General Elections.

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is no different. The party which is contesting 2 GRCs and 3 SMCs in the upcoming elections has started making significant inroads in its bid to win all 11 seats.

1. Video releases

SDP began the month by releasing two videos in a short span. The first video focused on the education system, throwing us some stats on the mental health of Singaporean students.

The second video was a cheeky dig at the People’s Action Party (PAP).

In the video, a woman is shown loading a washing machine with three different t-shirts “stained” with the words, “Accountability”, “Democracy”, and “Transparency”. The woman then adds the washing powder, “Pappy White” which shares a logo that is similar to that of PAP.

At the end, the woman pulls out the t-shirts with the “stains” removed.



2. Bonding Session

SDP then spent its National Day holiday catching the latest movie where Tom Cruise gets into life threatening situations and runs a lot.

Best part? They didn’t even have to pay for it. The movie screening was made possible through the generosity of an anonymous supporter.

SDP at the cinemaSource

3. New Website

Yesterday (10 Aug), SDP announced via Facebook that their website had been revamped and given it a makeover to cater for its GE campaign.

A quick look around the new website shows improved accessibility and a look that is much more pleasing to the eye.

There is also a “Store” that allows visitors to make purchases with proceeds going to the SDP’s electoral bid.

Among the items on sale are books written by SDP Secretary-General Dr Chee Soon Juan and t-shirts that scream DEMOCRACY – for those who feel that we live under communist ruling.

The store also allows you to decide on how much you wish to pay on certain items with “prices” up to $1000 on a plush toy replica of their Danny the Democracy Bear.


sdp bear


The reason why someone would spend up to $1000 on this plush toy? SDP would rather individuals pay a little extra rather than receive anonymous cash donations.

Possibly because the Political Donations Act states that parties cannot receive more than $5,000 from anonymous donors per reporting period.

political donations act


4. New Song

Oh yes, you read that right. SDP have also been busy in the recording studio.

SDP announced that it will be releasing the song this week. We were unable to confirm however, whether the song would be available on Spotify and iTunes.

The song — titled I Will Be The One — was written by SDP Secretary-General, Dr Chee Soon Juan and Central Executive Committee member, Jufri Salim.

SDP new song


5. Anniversary Dinner

In the midst of all this, SDP has also been preparing to celebrate its 35th Anniversary.

SDP anniversary


A gala dinner has been organized to celebrate the event with tickets on sale at a very low price of $70 (no, we don’t know why its s expensive either) and those interested can click here.

The dinner will be held at Imperial Treasure, Chinese Swimming Club, Recreation Complex this coming Saturday (15 Aug).

With such a strong start to the month, we wonder what else we will see the SDP doing for the rest of August.

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Featured Image via Singapore Democratic Party
With reference to Singapore Democratic Party, SDP Facebook, Elections Department, YouTube