If you think these sea creatures and fishes are real, think again. Local artist Keng Lye meticulously paints these lifelike creations onto these bowls, and slowly pours resin into them. The artist draws inspiration from Riusuke Fukahori, who makes use of the same method to create his works.

These works are all too similar to the photorealistic paintings that blur the lines between illusion and reality—part of his ‘Alive Without Breath’ series, these creatures look like they are frozen in time. They make us think of how we perceive what is “real,” and to think closely about what tries to masquerade as reality.

Keng Lye’s works are being shown along Orhcard Road from now till  31st October 2014, in a pop-up store close to The Heeren and H&M. Do drop by if you’d like to see these works for real.

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Images via DeviantArt