When you practice enough and gotta appear in a video…

So the SEA Games organisers have released videos to drum up support for the sporting event, being held from 5 to 16 June right here in Singapore. The last time Singapore held the SEA Games was in 1993.

One of them, about silat and featuring Muhammad Shakir, is rather cringy. Like 40 blows in 8 seconds with jumpy cuts kind of cringy.



In Silat, punching speed is just as important as thinking speed.The ability to act, as well as to react to your…

Posted by SEA GAMES 2015 on Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Jumpy cuts are migraine-inducing. And the 30-second video does its best to make viewers vomit.

The other video, featuring Han Bin, is relatively better. In fact, it’s actually not bad.



Shooting hoops blindfolded is the sort of stuff I’d expect to see in Japanese anime Slam Dunk or something.

Certainly not in a SEA Games video.

In basketball, size stands out.But what you don’t see are players doing the little drills, shooting hundreds of balls…

Posted by SEA GAMES 2015 on Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Remember, kids. When you practice enough:



Now, go show some support for the SEA Games by buying a ticket here. Unfortunately tickets for the Opening Ceremony are sold out, but there are several free events you can attend, such as Sailing and Shooting.

The sports depicted in these videos aren’t free to attend, but they totally need your support.

We doubt there’ll be any blindfolded basketballers there though.

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