Here’s 13 more gold medalists who aren’t Schooling, Shanti, or The Quahs

Just because we at MustShareNews missed out GIF-ing all other SEA Games gold medalists, it doesn’t mean they should be any less fangirl/boy-ed.

Because just look at Soh Rui Yong after he won gold in the mens’ marathon event:


Everything about him screams: get on my level.

Where were we when this inspiring scene unfolded?

So to make it easier for you, we stalked 13 gold medalists that lost their well-deserved place in the spotlight to Schooling and gang, and show you why they’re so important:

1. Soh Rui Yong, Athletics

soh rui yong 1Source

Event he slayed in: Men’s Marathon

Why he slayed: According to his Facebook page, he ran like “a demon possessed” in the final 200m.

While he remembers reeling in disbelief from overtaking his own childhood marathon heroes, we remember his little victory ceremony:


Someone put him on Broadway already.

One interesting fact about him: He started a personal website named We see what you did there. *wink*

2. Lim Xiang Qi, Swimming


Yes dear, you’ll always be our number one.

Event she slayed in: Women’s 50m Freestyle

Why she slayed: She phenomenally annihilated 100m Freestyle champ, Quah Ting Wen — who everyone knows because #QuahSiblings — by 0.01s. What a major badass.


One interesting fact about her: She’s got a pretty neat Wikipedia page.

3. Peter Gilchrist, Billiards

Peter Gilchrist 1Source

Events he slayed in: Men’s English Billiards Singles, Men’s English Billiards Singles (500)

Why he slayed: Because he brought his three-time world billiards champion experience to the table. In short, because he’s a beast.

One interesting fact about him: Peter shares something in common with some fellow Team Singapore table tennis athletes — he’s a foreign born athlete under the Foreign Sports Talent Scheme.

4. Mervyn Toh, Canoeing

Teammate Brandon Ooi shouldn’t be the only one with a F*** Yeah Tumblr page. Pssshhhh.

Mervyn TohSource

Event he slayed in: Men’s K1-200m

Why he slayed: Beating opponents to number one by more than a second must have something to do with those guns.

One interesting fact about him: He’s no stranger to the podium since he used to grab golds like nobody’s business back when he represented Team Hwa Chong in Canoeing.

5. Wang Wenying, Fencing

wang wenyingSource

Events she slayed in: Women’s Individual Foil, Women’s Team Foil

Why she slayed: By having a loving husband who shouldered all her coaching jobs so that she could focus on training overseas. Awwwwww.

One interesting fact about her: This was her last SEA Games. What a way to finish a sporting season!

6. Kang Rui Jie, Taekwondo

Kang Rui JieSource

Event he slayed in: Men’s Individual Poomsae

Why he slayed: According to him, thanks to the winning formula of six times a week trainings, discipline, a confidence-building home crowd and the face of a “gangster”.

One interesting fact about him: He’s single and ready to mingle.

7. Mark Leong, Waterski

Mark LeongSource

Event he slayed in: Men’s Slalom

Why he slayed: His height of 1.83m lends him an advantage over other competitors. Plus, he’s naturally handsome talented and disciplined.

One interesting fact about him: He’s only 17. You cougars.

8. Sasha Christian, Waterski

Her smile isn’t the only thing that’s golden.


Events she slayed in: Women’s Slalom and Wakeboard

Why she slayed: Never mind, because all you can think about right now is how hot she is.

One interesting fact about her: She’s Chindian. Ah, it all makes sense now.

9. Yong Yi Xiang, Wushu

Yong Yi XiangSource

Event he slayed in: Men’s Optional Changquan

Why he slayed: With a game face like that, well, why wouldn’t he?

And because you were too busy fangirling Schooling to watch Yi Xiang’s sick moves, we GIF-ed him for your viewing pleasure:



One interesting fact about him: He put aside studying engineering at NUS for awhile to train in China, proving that training overseas is kind of a prerequisite to topping the podium nowadays.

10. Tessa Neo, Shooting

Tessa NeoSource

Event she slayed in: Women’s 10m Air Rifle

Why she slayed: Because of courage — courage built by her parents, cousins, and coach Hashemi Elham.

One interesting fact about her: During the event, Tessa outshone shooting star Jasmine Ser, who’s also her cousin and the ultimate reason why she picked up shooting.

11. Catherine Chew, Janine Khoo, Cheong Su-Yen and Predrag Marjanovic, Equestrian

Team sg equestrianSource

Event they slayed in: Jumping Team

Why they slayed: Zero faults. Let that sink in for a moment.

One interesting fact about them: Su-Yen’s horse is named Collin.


12. Jodie Lai, Sailing

Jodie LaiSource

Event she slayed in: Female Optimist (U16)

Why she slayed: She’s from Raffles.

One interesting fact about her: She trains 6 days a week, has loving and supporting parents, and she’s 14 years old.

WAIT. HOLD. UP. ONLY. 14?!?!?!??!?!!

*quickly burns pictures of my 14-year-old self in shame*

13. Bernie Chin, Sailing

Bernie ChinSource

Event he slayed in: Male Youth Laser Radial (U19)

(Also, we seriously wonder how sports commentators feel about announcing “Optimist” and “Laser Radial” during races. So weird.)

Why he slayed: Bernie was way ahead of his Thai opponent, thanks to finishing first in the medal race.

One interesting fact about him: He’s 15 and the proud owner of a Youth Olympic Games medal.

Expecting me to burn pictures of my 15-year-old self eh? I threw them into the fire along with the 14-year-old ones.

Might as well, y’know.

They might not be Schooling and co. but…

Now that you have the lowdown on these equally inspiring sports stars, we declare the game of see-who-gets-more-autograph-books-thrown-at-them OPEN.

Just kidding, you’ll have to wait until 2017.

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