SEA Games volunteers are actually ingenious entrepreneurs in disguise

Getting the shopping urges but already cashed out on every Jimmy Choo pump, Maserati, or Louis Vuitton tote any human could possibly buy?

Don’t worry, because the honourable, distinguished, and unquestionably illustrious Team Nila has now privileged Singapore with the opportunity to purchase the limited edition SEA Games 2015 merchandise once exclusively bestowed upon the volunteers for appreciation.

The merchandise available is rich in variety — from the iconic indigo tee and khakis volunteer ensemble, to collectibles like the much-cherished Nila pins.

But this highly sought after shopping experience is not accorded to just anyone.

The pleasure is reserved for an elite brand of shoppers whose names we only dare whisper in impeccable, crisp Queen’s English:

The Carousellers.

The catalogue

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We at MustShareNews understand the pains of filtering the vast empire that is Carousell to purchase the merchandise you desire.

So we’ve done it for you. We’ve painstakingly selected the finest memorabilia and chronicled each item’s rich and exceptional history, so that the esteemed customer can enjoy the comfortable shopping experience he rightfully deserves.

1. SEA Games 2015 volunteer purple tee

sea games carousellSource

$11 and this lovely royal indigo SEA Games 2015 volunteer tee is yours.

Interestingly, what is unique to this exquisite piece of apparel is that it is intentionally sold second-hand — yes, with $11, you too can be blessed with every single thread on the shirt that has grazed the delicate skin of Volunteer Naaley.

2. Sea Games 2015 volunteer khaki pants

sea games carousell 1Source

We wish Sir Sq123 would mark up the price tag of these Khakis so that the luxury of being clothed in these intricately rare mahogany bottoms is saved only for the higher society.

3. SEA Games 2015 Event Special USS Ticket

sea games carousell 2Source

Thanks to the charitable spirit of these million-dollar entrepreneurs, who have sacrificed this exclusive retreat for the greater good, the revered places on the glorious red carpet leading to Hollywood Boulevard, Broadway, and even the luscious forests of Jurassic World can now be yours.

Bonus #4: SEA Games 2015 Nila’s socks

sea games carousell 4Source

The last of its kind in the world, this is one of the most prized possessions of the 28th SEA Games.

We’re unsure of whether it originates from a Team Nila member, but because these socks were once worn by the mythical creature which bore the heart and soul of the SEA Games, you’ll obviously want nothing except to display it amongst your other precious heirlooms.

At $5, we wouldn’t dare breathe the air of the minuscule amount of noble sirs who would be able to afford this extravagance.

An affair like no other

This delightful online emporium is easily one of the best incidents to ever cross the Internet, and we at MustShareNews are honoured enough just to be living in such a golden era, let alone immortalising it in our writing.

Such an event will truly be eternally unprecedented.

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