Another Victim Claims Eden Ang Verbally Harassed Her In 2015

Her name is Nicolette. And she claims that she was verbally harassed by Eden Ang too, back in 2015.

Yes, she’s supposedly victim number two.

Both #MeToo and #MeTwo

With the entire social media world still reeling from the revelations made by Eden’s original accuser – 18-year-old Lilith – yet another alleged victim of YouTuber Eden Ang, has shared her story on Facebook.

Here’s a screenshot of her Facebook post in full, posted on 31 Jan.


And here’s her original Facebook post embedded below. We summarise her story after the jump.

Verbally harassed by Eden Ang in 2015

Ms Nicolette Lim claims that she was verbally harassed by Eden Ang in 2015.

She chose to keep quiet about her experience due to being embarrassed and afraid that no one would believe her account.

She’s since learnt that she should stand up for what’s right, even if her alleged aggressor is a “Social Media Influencer”.

Alleged victim met Eden on a drama set

Nicolette says Eden approached her to ask if she was interested in starring in his videos.

They then exchanged contact numbers via Facebook, following which, he called her to explain “how (the) production works”.

The alleged victim was comfortable with this arrangement, but the conversation quickly took a turn for the lewd.

Victim’s underwear colour and pubic hair allegedly discussed

According to Nicolette, the content of Eden’s messages gradually touched on more intimate topics like:

  • Asking her to learn to sit properly as he could view her underwear
  • Whether she was wearing beige underwear
  • Whether she shaved
  • Whether she “like(d) to be clean”
  • Telling her to send photos of her doing splits to him
  • Claiming he “[could] see her pubic hair” in her Facebook photos

The victim alleges that he asked her these questions, even though she “felt uncomfortable” about them.

Eden asked alleged victim to wear a G-string

Ms Lim claims that Eden invited her to his house to try out for a ‘role’, where she was “required to wear a mini skirt and g-string”.

Nicolette says she told him that she did not own a G-string, and had not done anything similar before.

Eden supposedly told her that he could “bring [her] to buy a g-string” and “teach [her] how to wear [it]”.

She claims that he then asked her to send photos of skirts she had at home, which she acknowledged that she “stupidly did”.

Upon viewing the pictures of her skirts, Eden allegedly commented “not short enough”.

Victim used mother’s name to reject role offered by Eden

As Nicolette hoped to bring the “disturbing conversation” to an end, she used her mother’s name to reject the role he was offering.

To her relief, Eden stopped messaging her after that.

She says that since she wasn’t planning on exposing him, she “deleted ALL messages”, as “keeping the conversation meant a constant reminder of [her] stupidity”.

Alleged victim wishes to support others like her

Ms Lim concludes her post by saying that she’s not doing this “for attention or fame”.

Apparently, she’s chosen to share her story “without any hard evidence” as she doesn’t want Eden Ang to “continue harassing more girls”.

She also wishes to “give support” to other victims who’ve opened up about their experiences.

#MeToo in SG too?

We admit, we kinda saw this coming.

Especially since this is exactly how the #MeToo movement began in the US.

But it’s important to note that Nicolette acknowledged she shared her story “without hard evidence” as she already “deleted ALL messages” with Eden Ang.

However, from Dee Kosh, to Sandra Riley Tang and almost the whole main cast of Ah Boys To Men making their views heard on Eden Ang’s scandal, this may very well be the beginning of something far greater.

Hopefully, there won’t be more twists and turns to this developing saga.

For now, we’ll continue to provide updates as and when they happen.

Featured image from Eden Ang Productions, and Facebook.