NSmen now have a place to throw their army stuff somewhere for 50 weeks a year

Should NSmen be allowed to be this lazy?

A new storage service targeted at NSmen’s “army stuff” has been launched.

Spaceship, the storage service in question, will retrieve your field pack and load bearing vest (LBV) from your doorstep, and keep them safe until you’re called up for your reservice.

Get this: they will even deliver your barang-barang all the way to your camp.

The service is awfully convenient, especially since most NSmen don’t have space or don’t want to keep their army stuff at home.

The question now is whether NSmen have become so “soft” that they require such a storage service. After all, real soldiers are on standby 24/7, and they carry their own bags, and all that jazz.

The debate is similar to that of poor NSFs not wanting to sit down when riding public transport due to fear of being STOMP-ed (good job STOMPers), and of course that guy who made his maid carry his field pack.



Fear not, NSmen aren’t going to be “ah gua” for using Spaceship’s service

Requesting an external service to store and deliver your army stuff — does that go against the perception of men who are supposed to defend our country and carry their own field packs?

The answer is: not really, in case anyone actually wonders.

Spaceship’s services are more about practicality (the storage) and convenience (the delivery) than outright laziness. Not all homes have the space to fit a field pack used only once or twice a year. Plus, the army stuff is sitting at home gathering dust, spider webs, and who knows what else.

Spaceship also has a partnership with SAFRA, which probably indicates that SAFRA and as an extension the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) are okay with the practical concerns of leaving a field pack and vest which gathers sweat and mould at home for 50 weeks a year.

Plus, NSmen will be saved from their nagging wife/mother/grandmother/great-grandmother who no doubt would have complained about the dust gatherers and fungi living quarters.

MINDEF and SAFRA personnel also have wifes and mothers; they know what nagging is like.

Now we got that out of the way, what does Spaceship actually do?

The Spaceship will be beaming your army stuff up.



Eh not this spaceship, goondu.

This one:



Or to be exact, they have a sub-section named SAFRA, catered directly to NSmen.



Behold, their FAQ.



SAFRA members can get huge discounts  — storage is free for the first 6 months and the first delivery is free too!

For non-SAFRA members, storage is $12 a month and deliveries cost $10 per retrieval.

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