Facebook User Links Autism To Homosexuality

A new character being introduced into the American children’s TV series Sesame Street, and a Channel NewsAsia Facebook post — how are they related?

Well, the link is indistinct — but one netizen’s linkage of autism to gay people is similarly hazy, but that didn’t stop him from causing pandemonium on the abovementioned CNA Facebook post by making just that link.

Sesame Street

Since it first aired about 50 years ago, Sesame Street has been well known for the educational value it offers to kids.

The show has undergone many overhauls over the years in order to maintain viewership amid the changing cultural mores. They’ve also been embroiled in controversy as it aims to shed light on topics like HIV and obesity.

The latest issue that Sesame Street aims to tackle is that of autism — by introducing a new puppet, Julia, who is autistic.


Comments Cesspit

We think it’s laudable that Sesame Street is trying to educate children about conditions like autism from a young age, as it helps remove the stigma that autistic people face.

Not everyone appreciates this though, especially not Facebook user Lim Meng Lee, who responded on CNA’s Facebook post on the story with a strongly worded comment that offended many — sparking a hot-blooded debate.

Here’s the original comment that riled netizens:


What does having an autistic character on Sesame Street have to do with having LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) characters? Why is he making that link in the first place? Only he knows.


He lamented that Sesame Street had become a platform to brainwash kids about issues like homosexuality and politics. But really, all he’s proving is how much of a narrow-minded bigot he is.

The Resistance

User Zixin Chai hit back in sarcastic fashion, with JY Koo chiming in to suggest that he is jumping the gun with his far-fetched theory.

But of course, Mr Lim couldn’t take it lying down.


Zhi Jun Alisa Yap pointed out how Mr Lim is erroneously believing that being gay is a disability, while Karishma Sharma echoes our views there is nothing wrong with exposing children to such topics from a young age as it teaches them how to be more accepting of those who different.

Nothing seems to be able to get through to Mr Lim though, as he continued leaving childish comments.


At this point in time, we’re starting to wonder if Mr Lim is really just a kid as his immaturity knows no boundaries.


Luckily for us, the nightmare ended after Mr Lim rounded off his maniacal tirade and nobody bothered to reply anymore.


An Inclusive Society?

Perhaps this goes to show that many people in Singapore are still ignorant and biased against conditions like autism, and Singapore still has some way to go in achieving tolerance and acceptance towards such issues.

Still, it was heartening to see other Singaporeans stand up to dismiss such revolting behaviour from Mr Lim.

Featured Image from Esquire and Facebook