These couples would melt your heart

This one’s for the sceptics – real life fairy tales do exist after all. Sometimes you might find even find love in the most hopeless place – MediaCorp.

Celebrities, like us, are not immune to failed relationships, but there are also inspiring love stories.

Here are 11 pairs of cute celebrity couples who reinstated our faith in love:

1. Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu


Started dating since: 2012
Year they got married: 2014

Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu show us there’s no stopping love when it happens. Despite being friends for over 10 years, their chemistry started to grow when filming for drama C.L.I.F. 2.

The couple eventually tied the knot in a hush-hush wedding affair held at Sentosa. This year, first-time parents are expecting their SG50 baby.

During a recent worktrip to China, Qi brought along some cookies Peh baked but could not bear to eat them. “I put it in the fridge and when I look at it every day, I think of her. But [the cookies] are really delicious!” he chimed.

All together now: Awwww…

Just check out how radiant mummy-to-be Peh is – sure looks like she’s revelling in marital bliss.


2. Kate Pang and Andie Chen


Started dating since: 2012, and they secretly dated for over a year.
Year they got married: 2013

Damn those judgmental comments about theirs being a shotgun marriage – baby Aden was certainly a bundle of joy to them.

The reel couple in drama Break Free turned real when they solemnised their marriage in Taiwan on 24 November 2013, along with the shocking announcement that Pang was 10 weeks pregnant. It was definitely no love at first sight for them; in fact, it was quite the opposite.

Kate: But we looked back and said that back then when we were filming Joys Of Life, we never imagined we would get together. It feels icky.

Andie: I remember thinking, ‘This girl is so ugly.’

Kate: Now you have to look at me for the rest of your life.

Andie: But now I am mesmerised when I look at you! So, in Malaysia, we didn’t date but then we slowly started to feel that we could get along with each other.

Indeed, the couple seems pretty much on the same page – Pang was game when Chen, who majors in Film Studies, suggested setting up a YouTube channel chronicling the adventures of baby Aden in the Kandie Network (Kate + Andie, geddit?). They hope the channel would help young parents, and even shared private videos like Pang’s childbirth process:

*Viewer discretion advised.

We’re sure these will be precious memories for baby Aden in future. :’)

At this year’s Star Awards, strong Mummy Pang hosted the programme despite having a miscarriage just two weeks before. Daddy Chen was devastated, but looks forward to a second child to complete their family. We wish them all the best!

3. Fann Wong and Christopher Lee

Baby Zedzed was a national day baby last year.

Started dating since: 2002
Year they got married: 2009

How could we leave out Caldecott’s ah jie and ah ge?

Our favourite reel couple since condor heroes, the pair finally sealed the deal in 2009.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 5.12.52 pmSource

Yes, TCS (now MediaCorp) used to produce these dramas in which humans can fly.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 5.21.13 pmSource

Wong and Lee have come a looooong way. Check out Chris’ obiang specs and funky hairdo.

The pair first met in 1995’s Star Seach and worked together for the first time in Brave New World. In 1998, they acted as a couple in Return Of Condor Heroes and were seen as onscreen sweethearts since.

Subsequently, they continued playing a reel couple in Looking For Stars, Madam White Snake, Always On My Mind and Moon Fairy. The duo had a reel wedding in movie The Wedding Game prior to their real one in 2009.

Their wedding was broadcast live, and can be watched here:

(Spoiler alert: The production team did a pretty good spoof of their Condor Heroes drama – probably good enough to be nominated for the Star Awards)

Six years into their marriage, the pair is still sweet as ever, publicly displaying their affection for each other. With fireworks still flying as strong as ever, will another baby be on the cards soon? 😉


4. Candyce Toh and Hong Junyang

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.52.56 amSource

Started dating since: 2006
Year they got married: 2009

The two Project SuperStar contestants met in the competition and began as rivals. There were constant rumours about the pair dating, but Toh insisted that they only got together a year after Project Superstar. They got married in 2009 and during Hong’s love declaration, he started tearing and said:

That is because I was thinking of how weak and how often she falls sick. She is quite stubborn and wouldn’t take her medicine. I feel that I have to take good care of her.

Hong is now based in Taiwan to pursue his music career, while Toh remains in Singapore and mainly hosts or partakes in lifestyle programmes, like Style: Check-in and Lady First. Although separated temporarily by distance, the couple would WhatsApp each other daily. Toh also jets to Taipei once every three months to meet her husband. Even so, absence makes the heart fonder. Hong wistfully took to social media to wish his wife a happy birthday and expressed his wish for them to spend their future birthdays together.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.06.25 pm
Happy birthday to my most amazing woman, lover, soul mate, I love you! @candycetoh I wish I’m by your side right now. Hope we get to spend our birthdays together every time from now on n not apart. Love u my angel!

5. Melody Chen and Randall Tan

Melody Chen Randall TanSource

Started dating since: 2007
Year they got married: 2008

The duo met on the set of The Donny Lee Show in 1996 and soon started hanging out. They also acted as a couple in The Teenage Textbook Movie in 1998 and shared their first on-screen kiss. However, there were no sparks then and Chen went on to date others while Tan got married but eventually divorced. They described their relationship in the beginning to be like brother and sister but found out they had feelings for each other when Tan was struck by the debilitating nerve disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome in 2007 and was fighting to survive in the intensive care unit. Tan is now fully recovered, and Chen shared that their one of their secrets to being happily married is their passion for keeping fit.

 It was a common interest when we got together. We were at different levels when we started running and cycling but we still encouraged each other on. Slowly but surely we move on to other fitness activities as we go along. As long as we constantly encourage each other to keep healthy and get those endorphins pumping!

6. Priscelia Chan and Alan Tern


Started dating since: 2007
Year they got married: 2007, after dating for 6 months

Chan joined MediaCorp after taking part in 1999’s Star Search and met Tern, a 2001 Star Search finalist, in 2002 while filming Springs of Life.

The two were best buddies for 6 years, but the turning point came when Tern confessed by writing Chan an email, which he then SMSed Chan to read. Chan was touched but worried about the change in their friendship, but thought about how she called him to seek solace when her mother passed away. After they got married, they have played each other’s spouse in Priceless Wonder and A Song to Remember.

Last year, Chan won the Rocket Award at the Star Awards, a first in her 15-year-long career. The optimistic Chan said she feels disappointed about not getting awards sometimes, but her passion keeps her going.

 And when I feel disappointed about missing out on an award, he jokingly says: ‘Why do you need one? You already have the best award – me!


Their secret to a lasting marriage? Role-playing. Chan would pretend to be Tern’s maid and serve him coffee when Tern returns from a long day of work, while Tern would perform as if he was part of the Glee cast and sing out of synch to make his wife laugh.

Oooh, kinky. 😉

7. Diana Ser and James Lye

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.14.40 pmSource

Started dating since: 1995
Year they got married: 2004

The pair first crossed paths in 1994 on the set of Showbuzz and Ser was supposed to be Lye’s co-host but was replaced by Lauretta Alabons at the eleventh hour. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Ser became the show’s research writer and Lye decided to ask Ser out. Ser said,

He didn’t want to be involved with a colleague he worked closely with. Well, at least that was what he told me!

However, Ser was unaware that their first date, dinner at an Italian restaurant, was actually a date. It did not occur to Ser that Lye, who just came back from the US would be interested in a petite figure like herself and was convinced Lye was trying to sell her insurance.

I kept waiting for him to pop the question: Would you like to buy insurance?

Seems like Ser would buy insurance from Lye if he sold her one then.

8. Andrea De Cruz and Pierre Png


Started dating since: 1999
Year they got married: 2003

Theirs is a modern-day fairy tale well documented by the media – boy meets girl and fall in love, girl falls sick, boy saves the damsel in distress and they live happily ever after.

When Png first met De Cruz coming out of a hair salon with a new hairdo, he could barely keep his eyes off her. Alas, he was attached then. By the work of fate, they crossed paths again years later at a play, and Png asked her out for supper (he was single then, phew!). The rest, as they say, is history.

Unfortunately, their love story is fraught with setbacks as De Cruz’s health took a toll after consuming Slim 10 pills and suffered from liver failure. Png, her then-boyfriend, donated part of his liver to her.

Andrea was hospitalised at the time and I was at the lowest point in my life, seeing her talk in half-sentences. I knew I wanted to be with this woman, so I couldn’t imagine not doing whatever I could to help save her.

In sickness and in health, they were each other’s pillar of support.

9. Anna Belle Francis and Sheikh Haikel


Started dating since: Unknown
Year they got married: 2000

Singapore’s Godfather of Hip Hop married Anna Belle Francis in 2000 and they started School of Music (SOM) together. However, this does not seem to be enough for the couple, with Haikel exclaiming,

Time is a thief when it comes to being with Belle. I want more and I want things to go slower. We’re having a good time together. She’s dangerous and that draws me like a moth is drawn to a flame. It’s all good!

Francis also echoes his sentiments by saying:

I won’t be able to begin how he makes me laugh everyday, scream, laugh, get mad, cry, laugh, fall in love, snigger…but I can tell you that he and I have created a life together that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

10. Hong Huifang and Zheng Geping


Started dating since: 1990
Year they got married: 1993

This couple may be getting on in age, but the pair still looks good together – probably thanks to the sparks that still fly between them despite being married for 21 years.

However, Hong did not have a good first impression of Zheng, who was loud and often cussing. Zheng, on the other hand, found Hong intimidating, since she was a senior figure in the industry. They eventually saw each other in a different light – Zheng admired Hong’s independent and garang side when he saw Hong opening her car bonnet trying to fix the car; Hong fell for his stern and serious side when she saw him teach taekwondo.

The hunkle would also plan “coincidental” meetings with Hong.

I’d sit there and wait for her, then pretend to bump into her when she’s on the way to work. I’d never fail to see her there because we have to walk past that area every day since that’s where we gather and leave for our shoots.

Guess his perseverance eventually paid off and he was able to spend the rest of his life with her until their hairs turned grey (okay, maybe just Hong but hey, she sure can rock that hair colour).


11. Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 3.20.50 pmSource

Started dating since: 1990
Year they got married: 1990

Who knew that Caldecott’s affable, underrated ah jie once had her wild days? The wildest thing she did? Marrying her then-colleague, Edmund Chen, a short three months after they dated. Such a thing was practically unheard of back in that era.

My heart beat faster when I was with him and I nodded when he said we should get married a few months later.

Thankfully, Xiang followed her gut feeling and let her heart rule and got a happy family in return as their relationship grew deeper after the marriage. Chen also made sacrifices for the family by giving up his career in MediaCorp.

The couple decided that one should leave the entertainment circle to look after their kids, and eventually decided that Xiang – an iconic figure in the scene – should stay.

Nonetheless, this couple has frequently appeared in TV commercials – could it be because of how cute they look together?


12. Arissa Cheo and Vaness Wu


Started dating since: 2006
Year they got married: 2013

This pair seems a little on-off in their relationship, but they look too cute together to not be put on this list.

The pair met in 2006 while filming Wu’s “My Kingdom” music video. They became romantically involved, but Cheo’s father objected to the relationship as Wu was in showbiz. The next year, Cheo went to study in the US and the couple split up but kept in contact. In 2010, they reconciled and got married in 2013. Not all was smooth sailing for them though.

Last year, the couple were reported to have an online spat, with Arissa calling Vaness “fake” and Vaness shot back, tellling her to “watch her tongue”. The duo even unfollowed each other on Instagram. Later, they seemed to have patched things up and spent the Lunar New Year together in the US.

Love me, love me not

These couples show us that love is all about give and take – the efforts they put in to sustain a happy marriage is admirable. When cupid comes knocking, there’s no stopping – so don’t lose faith in love!

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