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The nation is gearing up for the Golden Jubilee celebrations, and corporate companies refuse to miss out on the celebrations. What are the offers that SG50 has for us?

1. For the foodie

It’s time to bring your parents/grandparents out for a great buffet lunch at Orchard Hotel. With every paying adult, every other citizen aged 50 and above will get a free lunch. Now, who said there’s no free lunch in this world?

Limited to first 50 reservations daily.



If you’re more atas and you like your food served to you while you just sit there, how about a six-course lunch for $50? There’s roasted duck, salmon roe, prawns and chicken drumsticks for you to devour.


thumbs up

2. For the health nut

Along with chia seeds, coconut oil is widely touted as a miracle food. Now you can finally get started on that New Year’s resolution to be #healthy with this SG50 bundle from Lifewinners. The bundle includes two 1L bottles of organic virgin coconut oil and two bottles of organic chia seeds for only $85.

We would have much preferred it at $50 though. But hey, health never comes cheap.

 Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.22.59 am

3. For the fashionable

Okay, we admit that it’s hard to be fashionable with tees, but these very Singaporean designs are pretty appealing.


“Steady pom pipi”, “stylo milo”.

We love this design too:

makan till shiok 2

We’re getting hungry from just reading out the food names on the picture.



4. For the swiper

If you love swiping that credit card, then get a new debit + PASSION card from POSB. You don’t have to pay any membership fees and you’ll even get a new Skechers shoe bag to keep those running shoes in. Unless you’ve already given up on your #fitspo New Year’s goal.

Money saving tip: Use your PASSION card to buy movie tickets for $7 instead of the usual $13. That’s nearly half price.


The red SG50 version of this card looks a bit gaudy though.


5. For the foodie (part 2)

Swensens, although best known for its ice-cream, is releasing one special Singaporean food item each month in commemoration of SG50. For the month of February, it’s all about that special Satay sauce with Grilled Chicken.


This isn’t the first time Swensens has released an obviously Singaporean dish. They even have Nasi Lemak and Gula Melaka ice creams on their menu.

say what

6. For the studious

This has got to be the weirdest thing riding on the SG50 bandwagon. The American Chamber of Commerce Singapore (AmCham) has an internship position open to produce a special SG50 report. The intern will get to survey AmCham members and interview senior executives.

The commitment period is from March to July 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.00.41 pm

7. For the collector

The Singapore Mint has released a whole bunch of SG50 themed collectibles.



Although it would make a pretty rad gift, they don’t come cheap. The puzzle set (2nd picture) retails at a cool $188.

8. For the alcoholic

Crystal Wines is offering a monthly selection of 10 different wines priced at $50 a bottle. This is their February wine list:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.54.46 pm

We’re no wine connoisseurs, so we don’t know if this is a great deal or not. Especially when you can get wines for $29.95 at Fairprice easily.

9. For the crazed Hello Kitty fan

If you still didn’t know, Singapore Post is releasing a set of 5 Hello Kitty plush toys and stamps for $88. 發發!! (Translation: Prosperity!!) Warning: these plush toys are only going to be sold at selected post offices, so make sure you get there early to avoid the queue.


We think the postwoman one looks best. She’s even clutching a tiny letter.


10. For the audiophile

Challenger has launched a special earphones collection that promises “high fidelity sound” at only $19.95 (member price).


It doesn’t look very impressive though. It’s as if Challenger simply produced a new earphone model to slap the SG50 tag on it for fun.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.52.34 pm

Oh wait, we spotted a tiny SG50 logo on the earphone box.

11. For the young writer

Remember how in the primary school days, we always had trouble coming up with names for our English compositions? Names like Ahmad and Muthu would be aplenty, due to our limited course of imagination. Now, the folks at Wet Tee Shirt have designed a shirt that makes us reminisce those times.

common names

I don’t remember using a Santos, but I do recall having a Bala in one of my compositions somewhere though.


12. For the senior

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 4.05.33 pm

What on earth is an SG50 handphone? But we commend this Carousell seller on his excellent marketing skills though. When in doubt, just use SG50.

sg50 everything

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Featured Image via Marina Bay Countdown